Mark Twain at the Temple Theater

I finally got to see Mark Twain at the Temple Theater today!!! I was afraid that being out of town and not getting to go until the last show of the run that I might not be able to get a ticket! I did!!! That is a little sad to me, cause I would love to have heard that they were SOLD OUT, but I’m selfishly glad they weren’t!!!

I went to the 2:00 show today and all I can say is BRAVO!!!! It was delightful – simply delightful….. Mr. Chappell had the entire audience laughing out loud and totally engaged! We hung on his every word and enjoyed every minute of it! My only regret is that I didn’t have an opportunity to see it more than once – I understand it differs a little each time he does it by not always telling the same stories every time! I would have liked to see what stories I missed at at least one of the other showings while he was in town!

I’m sorry this review won’t put a bug under some one’s butt to go see it — the final show was today! But, I am so glad I had the chance to see it!!! It was very special…….

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