Megan – What A Mess!!!

I got home from work tonight and let the girls out to take care of business. Then, as usual, they came right back in for their dinner! Well, tonight, Megan was so excited — more than usual (which is hard to imagine)…..she came running in so fast – like a tornado!!! She ran in the door, hit the wood flooring and scrambled to keep her traction – then she got to the kitchen floor and slid some more! But she kept up her speed and slid around to get her footing — then, suddenly, she got to the corner where their food dishes are and slid on her side and slammed into their FULL water dish!!! The water dish flew into mid air – spilling all over the floor and splashing up on two walls and the window – and all over Megan!!!! She was drenched – the floor was flooded!!! She laid there for all of a couple of seconds looking dazed and confused about what happened – then she got back up and kept right on racing through the kitchen, back across the slippery wood floor, and back out the back door to shake it off!!!

It all happened so fast — within a split second!! I stood there for a minute in disbelief – then, I had to get a towel and clean up the mess — and what a mess it was!!!! After I got the floor all mopped up, I let the girls back in for their dinner — they were much calmer this time around and Megan politely walked over to the food dishes and ate her dinner without further incident…..WHEW!!!!

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