Oh what a beautiful day……

Yesterday and today were so lovely!!! Yeah, today had some periods of heavy cloud cover, but I still so enjoyed the weather both days!

I grew up just off one of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario, where there is almost always a really nice breeze (I won’t go into what I think of that breeze during the winters and that wind brings in major lake effect snow…)! I love feeling the wind on my face and the smell of a fresh breeze. So – the breezy days we’ve had this week were so welcoming to me! I wanted to just stay outside and soak it all in! And the temperatures were really quite pleasant, too!

But the icing on the cake was at lunch time today — I went out for lunch to run some really fast errands (I made a quick stop at All Animals to buy some food for the girls, popped into the post office to get some stamps and mail a couple letters, and grabbed the sub I called in an order for from Lil Dino’s to take back and eat at my desk) — as I was walking from the car back in to my office, I walked slowly to enjoy the breeze as long as I could. I looked up at the sky and it was the most breathtaking shade of blue with dabs of bright white cotton-like patches strategically placed for maximum effect and beauty…………I stopped and stared into the sky, feeling the strong breeze on my face and thought “man, I need to be home on my patio napping in my hammock – not going back in to work!” But, unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with a valid reason to tell my boss I needed to leave for the rest of the day…….not that I actually considered it, you know! ha-ha

So, I went in, ate my sub while I reviewed some documents and worked on a spreadsheet, and finished out the rest of the day…….but, luckily, our campus is spread out over multiple buildings and office trailers so I get to walk outside to get from one meeting to another or to take care of various business and take advantage of these beautiful days. Of course, that’s a real drag when it’s raining or cold or super hot……….but, I’ll consider it a benefit for now!

Well, whadda you know????

Well, I’ll be darned — My coveted NY Yankees got a “thumbs up” on the Opinion page (pg A6) of the Sanford Herald this morning!!!!!

Hard to avoid recognizing GREATNESS, isn’t it……he-he-he

(scan down and see my earlier post about the Yanks….)

Saturday – The Way It Should Be…..

After all the Gala planning, home renovations, and other stuff going on either done or not the major time consuming activity it was, I promised myself a weekend that focused on relaxation… I kept that promise and had a wonderful day!

After my chilly awakening (see previous post), I bummed around the house a little – read the Sanford Herald on-line, caught up on the blogs I have in my favorites, balanced my check book, paid some bills, did a load of laundry, emailed and exchanged IMs with my Mom, and played with the girls.

About noon-ish, I was dressed and ready to head out for the day. The plan was to hit some downtown shops to start getting ideas and maybe even buy a few things to kick off the Christmas shopping season. The last two years, I started way too late and was still shopping at the last minute – totally contrary to my usual practice of being done by Thanksgiving…

  • I started my day with lunch at Java Express – I had a delicious Vidalia Chicken Salad sandwich on toasted Wheatberry bread, nutty broccoli salad, and a glass of refreshing fresh squeezed lemonade – YUM!
  • Then, I went next door to the Sanford Antique Mall and looked around — they have so many great things! I always enjoy spending time in there!
  • Then, I went to Shoppes At Steele Street and found a couple things (not telling what or for who) and got some ideas that I will think more about. I can usually find that perfect little unusual gift or something special for myself in there! It is always on my list of places to go when shopping for gifts.
  • I had planned to go to George Norman Antiques and Collectibles – another great place to find something special and unusual – but it was starting to get late so I decided to leave that for another day.
  • My next plan was for a pedicure – that was an absolute MUST! I decided to try the new salon in the Super WalMart. It was really nice!!! They did a great job – I got the Deluxe Pedicure, which was totally relaxing!
  • I topped it all off with a banana split at the Dairy Bar……..enough said there!

I came home and took a nap with the girls and feel totally refreshed and renewed! Other than the couple of first Christmas gifts, it was a totally unproductive and non-hectic day — just what I had in mind!!!!

Some possible items on my tentative agenda for next Saturday – BPWs Game of Life, Memory Walk, ARTober FEST at Depot Park, The Brush and Palette Show at the Old Armory, and maybe a visit to George Norman…..Saturdays throughout October will be devoted to hitting specialty shops for Christmas shopping!

Saturdays are back to what they should be…WOO HOO!!!

Happy Tails To You….

When I began to wake up on this cool Saturday morning, I tried, as usual, not to open my eyes so that the girls wouldn’t know it was time for kisses and breakfast. I pulled the blankets up over my shoulders up to my chin reacting to the cool temperature. But, it didn’t help – there was a strong cold wind blowing on my face!!! I reluctantly opened my eyes to find out if the ceiling fan was on (Megan has learned to reach up and hit the switches and seems to get major enjoyment out of seeing the lights or fans come on……little monster – ha-ha) and found that the wind that was chilling my face and blowing my hair around wasn’t coming from the ceiling fan — no, it was coming from all three of my lovely girls standing on the end of the bed, side by side, with their backsides pointing towards me and every one of them wagging their tails with total excitement and happiness! So – it was “happy tails”, not a ceiling fan that woke me with a chilling effect!!! I laid there a minute watching them and then said “hey, turn off the air conditioning, it’s cold in here….”! They simultaneously turned around and began their morning attack of “good morning, Mommie; I love you, Mommie; Now go fix us some breakfast and let us outside, Mommie!!” Aahh, the joys of adoring pets!!! ha-ha


I took a little spill last evening and ended up with some boo boos….. ;-(

I got home from work and let the girls out. The routine is they go out, do their preliminary duties, and come back in to get their supper before they go back out and play for a while……but, when they come in after the first trip outside, I make them calm down a little before I give them their supper so that they don’t gobble too fast and spill everything all over the place! Well, yesterday, they came in and I started to sit in the little odd chair in the living room – I stepped behind the ottoman and before I could sit, Megan jumped on the ottoman and shoved it toward me causing the square wooden leg go up over two of my toes (now, it needs to be said that this is a somewhat heavy storage ottoman – not a little light weight thing…add a 40 or so pound dog jumping on it at warp speed and OUCH)! As soon as it scraped up over my toes, I yelled out and the pain took my breathe away and things got a little blurry – I fell forward, putting my hands on the ottoman to try to steady myself — but, much to my surprise, the ottoman slide away from me, causing me to fall flat onto my new, very hard, wood floor surface!!!! I laid there dazed for a moment pushing three very concerned dogs away so that I could catch my breathe! When I looked at my toes, they were already swollen, red, and bruising, along with the scraped up skin that was starting to bleed some…….I was sure I broke at least one of them!!! As the night progressed, though, I would wiggle them and the swelling went down and they didn’t bruise as badly as I thought they were going to……so, I guess I’m OK!!!! ha-ha

Today, they are still a little red, scraped up, slightly discolored, and only just a little tender. I’m relieved — I have had a lot of trouble with my feet this year — two minor surgeries on toes on my left foot all in the first 3-4 months of the year!!! I didn’t need any more reason to hobble around and have sore feet!!! ha-ha


Yes, I’m a Yankee fan — I’m not really into sports (boy, did I move to the wrong town….), but do love a good baseball game and eagerly cheer on the Yankees! They are 2 games down right now, but I know they can get there!

There is nothing like going to see a game in Yankee Stadium – walking past the memorials to all the greats – the history – the spirits that are alive and among you as you watch the game – it’s absolutely incredible! Sadly, I’ve only had this experience once, but it was a thrill I’ll never forget. My heart pounded and I was dizzy for most of the game! They played Toronto and WON!!! The excitement in the stadium and on the boat ride back down the river to the Marriott World Trade Center was amazing – I didn’t sleep a wink all night! (made for a long day in the seminar I was in the city to attended the next day…..oh well)

Here’s a toast to the boys from the Bronx making it to the 2007 World Series!!! Let’s Go, Yankees, Let’s Go!

By the way – another great stadium: Camden Yards!!! Beautiful, but too new to have the rich history and tradition of Yankee Stadium!

The new Super WalMart

OK – I gotta get in on the comments about the new Super WalMart — Sanford now has a HUGE (largest in NC, I am told) Super WalMart – it opened this past Wednesday! I have to say – if it stays even HALF as packed as it has been ever since it opened, it will prove to be a significant boost to the economy of Lee County! AND – they have already done a lot to give back to the community. During the grand opening ceremony, they gave a ton of money to local organizations (including a sizable donation to the non-profit that I am involved in…..). So, they have the potential to be a very positive presence in our fair city.

It’s nice to be able to do all your shopping in one location — you can drop your photos off at the 1 hour printer while you get a haircut or a pedicure in their hair and nail salons, pop in for lunch at the SubWay, and then shop for your groceries, clothing, and other “what-nots” without ever leaving to go to a different store. Now, that’s convenience for you!!!

The downfalls are — it’s further out than the old WalMart. For those of us who live on the north side of Sanford, it makes for quite a drive!!!! I had the same thought as a lady who wrote a letter to the editor this past week – no more fabrics and large crafts department!!! What’s with that??? Now, I don’t believe there is anywhere in Sanford to purchase these types of items, leaving people who frequently need them to go out of town – not good! Finally – it is a nice big store with wide aisles and neat shelves – I hope it stays that way! Most WalMarts have a reputation for being dirty and disorganized – I’d hate to see that happen here!

My only other comment is — Shop Lee County First – which now includes the new Super WalMart and their contribution to the local economy, but please don’t forget the locally owned shops and restaurants downtown in Sanford, Jonesboro, Kendale, and Tramway areas. These businesses don’t have the big corporate backing and need your support to stay in business! I’ve always found that there is very little that I need to look elsewhere for – I hope everyone in Sanford finds it in their hearts to feel the same. If you can find it in a locally owned store within your budget, please get it there! The local business owners love this community and are incredibly generous when community organizations reach out to them for help — please support them so that they can continue to stay in business, provide us with their unique products, and support the community they do business in.

Enough said……..

September 24th…..

SEPTEMBER 24th IS HERE!!!! Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for!!!! As the Pointer Sisters put it so well: “I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it…”

Two things are going to happen tomorrow that I can barely contain myself over:

1. The new Waffle House opens for business!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Now I can go out for breakfast whenever I feel like it and I don’t have to look at the clock and rush to get somewhere before they stop serving eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast!!!!

2. The most important and thrilling thing to happen on the 24th is the season opener for Dancing With The Stars!!!! Monday starts a 3 night event to open the season and introduce us to the participants. Watch for posts that will express my opinions on the performances and who gets booted and who stays…….I’ll be looking for your opinions, as well……..


I am so thrilled with the new floors and furniture that I recently had added to my home!!! Wall-To-Wall Flooring did an outstanding job of installing the Armstrong Grand Illusions laminate flooring. It looks beautiful…….I still have some work to do to put things back where they belong. Because of all that has been going on, I haven’t had time to devote to putting the stuff back on shelves and pictures up on the walls (furniture was repositioned, so the location of stuff on walls needed to be rearranged). Also, I wanted to wait until I had time to clean everything good before I put it back – the floor installation included sawing and sanding that flew dust all over everything. Now that things have calmed down, I can focus on this now and be done with it!!!

Here are a couple pics:

I am so very pleased!!! It turned out so much better than I could have imagined!!!!

Catching up….

I know, I’ve been bad and haven’t posted here since the 7th of Sept!!! I’ve been busy!!! BUT – it’s all winding or wound down and I can get back into the habit of jotting down my thoughts about what is going on in my life!

I’ll post more later (right now, it’s 1:00 AM and I’m really, really ready to hit the sack!), but to summarize:

  • The most current renovations to my home are done and were better than my wildest dreams of how it might have turned out!!!
  • The fundraiser I was helping to organize is done (that’s why I’m up so late – I just got home!) and was absolutely fabulous and a huge success!!!!

So – watch for an update about what has been going on as soon as I get some much needed sleep and then I’ll get better about posting again………