My blog is having a birthday!!!

On August 12, 2007, I decided to start a blog! I didn’t know many people who had blogs and wasn’t sure what I would do with one, but I wanted to give it a try! My very first post was about how I had purchased and installed a new flusher handle on my toilet – all by myself (click here to read it)! Now a couple days shy of one full year and 325 posts later, I have shared a TON of thoughts with people all around the world!!!

Some bloggers stick to a theme, some have a main focus while deviating from time to time, and some – like me – just write about whatever is on our minds!!! My blog is called “Kim’s Thoughts” and my tag line is “Just some random thoughts I feel worthy of jotting down” – I am glad I have stayed true to that! I didn’t want to think too hard about what to write about — I just wanted to sit at the computer and write whatever traveled from my brain to my finger tips! On that first post, Joe Jon left a comment telling me that I’ll be surprised what I find to talk about! And he was right — and, boy have I had fun doing it!!!

I have written a lot about my dogs (even started their own blog that I don’t keep up as well as I had hoped), reviewed a few movies, touched on some nostalgia and sentimental memories, and described my adventures and favorite places around town. And then there has been the “in general” brain dumps!!!

At first, I was really concerned about trying to keep my blog from being discovered by too many strangers – even though I knew it was a public forum and anyone knowing how to do a Google search could find me. I tried to only give out my address to a few friends and hoped it wouldn’t get out too much. In fact, I noticed that Joe Jon added me to his blog roll and I asked him to please not do that — I also asked Billy Liggett to not put me on HIS blog roll, which he honored (for a while). But – as I got more comfortable about it all, I slowly made it more known — then, just as I was about to tell Joe Jon and Billy to go ahead and add me, Billy outed me!!!! ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! And the rest is history!!!

I now have a nice list of regular readers – mostly local folks that I have on my blog roll and personal friends and family – and I get around 40-50 hits on average most days – some days more! That’s not huge and many of them are one time hits that find me through Google searches, but I’m happy with that!!! I still write for my own benefit more than to give my readers something to read — but if they find it interesting or entertaining, then that’s great, too!!!

So — here’s to another year!!! If you are still reading what I have to say a year from now, then I guess I’m doing something right!!! Be sure to check out my blog roll and visit all the other super cool Sanford Blogs! I’ll see you along the Information Super Highway — I’ll be the one with the red Mustang tooling along with the top down rambling on about whatever random thoughts I might have when you happen to cross my path!!!

2 Comments on “My blog is having a birthday!!!

  1. Happy blog b-day a day early!! You are definitely the reason I started my blog — you are my blogspiration!!

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