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Easter Sunday Drive

Sunday was an incredibly beautiful sunny 60+ degree day! I couldn’t resist getting out and soaking some of it up. So, I took a Sunday drive…..cruising and singing along with some of my all time favorite tunes on the radio. First stop was the… Continue Reading “Easter Sunday Drive”

2016 Daily Photos – March 5-7

Continuing on with the alphabet, here are the Daily Photos for March 5-7…..E, F, and G: SATURDAY, MARCH 5: “E is for Edgar Allan Poe” Thank you to Carolyn Ricker of Bindings Bookstore in Albion for allowing me to high jack her books for… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – March 5-7”

2016 Daily Photos – Feb 22-24

Here is the next grouping of Daily Photos for Feb 22-24: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22: “I Remember Him” Loved Captain Kangaroo when I was a child and love that he has this distinction – among many other notable distinctions! TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23: “Roof Leak, Much?”… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Feb 22-24”

2016 Daily Photos – Feb 19 – 21

Here are the Feb 19 thru 21 Photos of the Day: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19: “Pristine” Looking across this field, there isn’t a blemish to be seen in the snow or the sky – so peaceful!!! SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20: “I’m Melting, I’m Melting…” It was… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Feb 19 – 21”

2016 Daily Photos – Feb 11-14

Here are the last few Daily Photos from Feb 11-14! THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11: “Megan’s Valentine” FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12: “Hot Cocoa and a Warm Fire” SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13: “Methodists Sure Can Cook” Pan of lasagna fresh out of the oven for the Albion FUMC Lasagna… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Feb 11-14”

2016 Daily Photo – Feb 8-10

Three more days of Daily Photos……I’m sticking with it, folks……and really enjoying it!!! Most days something just catches my eye and some days I have to really think about it and get creative, but I have managed to get a photo every day, so… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Feb 8-10”

2016 Daily Photo – Feb 4 -7

Here we go with the Photos of the Day for Feb 4th through the 7th: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4th: “Colorful Cup of Pens” FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5th: “Morning Dusting” SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6th: “Do Not Enter” SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7th: “Landauer’s Ghost Sign”

2016 Daily Photo – Feb 1-3

Here are the first three Daily Photos for February: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1: “Fire in the Sky” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2: “Lunch” This is a personal sized pizza and salad at Main Street Pizza in Batavia, NY! WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3: “Feb 3 in WNY???” We broke… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Feb 1-3”

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 23-24

So…..looks like the theme for my 2016 Daily Photos for January 23 and 24 is ICE, ICE, BABY!!! SATURDAY, JANUARY 23: “Butterflies and Icicles” SUNDAY, JANUARY 24: “Frozen Tears on the Weeping Maple” This is the result of my practicing with Aperture-Priority Mode on… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Jan 23-24”

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 18-19

The Daily Photos for January 18 an 19 were both taken on my back patio and depict the fact that winter has, indeed, made an appearance! MONDAY, JANUARY 18: “Picnic, Anyone?” TUESDAY, JANUARY 19: “Snow on the Roses”