2016 Daily Photos – December 29-31


Here we are…..we made it…..New Year’s Eve 2016!!! Tomorrow will be the start of a whole new year….a fresh start…..a clean slate…..365 days of potential adventures and blessings!!! WOW!!! And…..with that…..here are the last three of my 2016 Daily Photos – the end of a long challenge that I, for the most part, succeeded in meeting! YAY!!! Yes, I am going to keep the challenge going for as long as I continue to enjoy doing it, so 2017 will bring more of my photos your way! But, for now…..here are the ones I took on December 29-31:

Thursday, December 29:


“Oh, Boy, Mom Got Me Another New Toy!”

Friday, December 30:


“Snow Drifts in a Field”

Saturday, December 31:


“New Year’s Eve 2016 = A Cosmo and A Kindle!”

I wish you all a very happy, healthy, prosperous, and adventurous New Year……May 2017 be a wonderful year for us all!


Cheers and Happy New Year!!!!

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