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Genesee Brewery Adventure

You know I have fun wherever I go and I love a good adventure! But, today raised the bar and was really special! Just think……the Genesee Brewery and the High Falls on the Genesee River have been there all these years and I’ve never… Continue Reading “Genesee Brewery Adventure”

As seen on the way to Letchworth

Today was our monthly Ladies Lunch and, like every September, we made the trip to Letchworth State Park to eat our lunch at the Glen Iris Inn. I left way early so that I could stop to snap photos of things that caught my… Continue Reading “As seen on the way to Letchworth”

Early One Foggy Friday Morning

I love the fog – it is so pretty! When I woke up this morning, I realized it was going to be a nice foggy morning, so I leaped out of bed, threw on some clothes, and headed out to try to get some… Continue Reading “Early One Foggy Friday Morning”

Sunday Stills – Statues

Albion has some pretty impressive and beautiful statues. I was sitting in front of Christ Church on Main Street after church this morning talking on the phone and gazing at the gorgeous statue in front of the Holy Family Parish…..thinking how nice a post… Continue Reading “Sunday Stills – Statues”

Sunset at Point Breeze – 08-20-15

What do you do when you have a perfectly amazing day and you don’t really want it to end? Why, you go to Point Breeze and watch the sunset, of course! That’s exactly what I did this evening! It was a breezy evening, but… Continue Reading “Sunset at Point Breeze – 08-20-15”

Sunday Shots – Birds and More

I sat out on my porch to see what I could catch for practice shots with my new camera……the bird buffet I have set up out on the front yard island tends to give me some great opportunities, if I can just sit out… Continue Reading “Sunday Shots – Birds and More”


Today turned into a gorgeous day, so I decided to head out to some of the area waterfalls – Shelby Falls near Forrestel Farm, Holley Falls, and Clarendon Falls! I figured that all the rain we’ve been having would have them flowing heavy…..and I… Continue Reading “Waterfalls”

Saturday Snow Shots

I thought I’d take a quiet drive through Mount Albion Cemetery this afternoon to see the snow covered monuments. It is always so peaceful and beautiful there – no matter what the season. I even saw one lone walker there, today, even though it… Continue Reading “Saturday Snow Shots”

Corning and Hammondsport Adventure

Check it off my bucket list…..I made it to the Corning Museum of Glass! This has been on my “places to go and things to do” list since I moved back home – three years – and I have finally completed it and can chalk it… Continue Reading “Corning and Hammondsport Adventure”

Pink and Blue

As you know, I absolutely can not be anywhere near Lake Ontario without snapping photos — especially Point Breeze! It is never the same and I love it!!! Tonight, it was the most amazing shades of pale blue and pale pink – both the… Continue Reading “Pink and Blue”