Birds of a Feather…..

If you read my earlier post, today, you know that I had a “free” day with nothing on my calendar, but a lot that I could have done to catch up after a busy month! Well, I did take advantage of the day with no set plans……but not to catch up……I turned it into a “me” day!

First, I ran a few errands and had some lunch. Then, picked up a platter I painted last week and drove out to the Rez for gas.

Then, I spent a lot of time hopping from one overlook to the next at the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge looking for birds and cool things to photograph…..I found a few overlooks that I haven’t been to before and saw a LOT of geese and several swans and other cool stuff I thought might make a good photo…..and, they did!!! The weather was good for it — cold, but very sunny and the water and sky were the most gorgeous blue!!! Here are some of the photos I took:

I ended the day by picking up a take-out plate from the Albion Rotary Club annual ham dinner…..YUM!

Other than being hit on by a real creepy guy – twice – at two different overlooks (same creeper), it was an amazing day!!!

2 Comments on “Birds of a Feather…..

    • This one was a little unsettling……but, it won’t stop me from enjoying one of my favorite places!

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