Playing Catch Up

March has been an unbelievably busy month… I sit here looking over the calendar, I see that I had very little white space and lots of scribbles with times and notations and events and I wonder “when did I get anything routine done?”!!! But, I did! Isn’t it funny? No matter how busy we are… matter how much we think there just isn’t enough hours in the day…..we always seem to find time for what needs to get done…..and for what we really want to do! That last part seems to be the key…..we make time for the things we REALLY want to do – the things that are important or that NEED to be done……the rest just falls aside or waits to politely leave space for the good stuff and the necessary stuff! And, that is the main reason that my calendar ALSO has quite a bit of white-out and crossed out times that are replaced by something better or more necessary that came up! Life is short… what matters and forget the rest!

So, now I’m playing catch up with the things that waited politely for their time to fit into the plan! I am happy to report that, today, I have NOTHING on my calendar! NOTHING! See?

So, today I play catch up…..or maybe I let myself get sidetracked and do something fun…..doesn’t matter…..cause I have NOTHING on my calendar! 😀

I do have to go to Medina to pick up a platter I painted at a Paint Night last week, so who knows what that little side trip might open the doors to…..we’ll just have to see where the day takes me!


But, for now, let’s talk PEARLS……I love pearls – they are so classic and are appropriate to wear with anything and everything! Pearls can add the finishing touch to an elegant little black dress or add some fun to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt! Some of the most elegant woman of our time rarely were seen without pearls….and were quoted attesting their love of pearls:

So, why am I going on and on about pearls this morning? Well, I recently discovered a new on-line trend on Facebook – pearl shucking!!! You join a Facebook party with a consultant – I follow a local girl who does it, but you can find ones from all over the country! Then, if you want to, you choose a piece of jewelry from their on-line catalog. The consultant, then, goes through the orders in the order she receives them……she sets out a variety of oysters and describes them all…..when it is your turn, you pick out the oyster you want her to shuck and she opens it to find your pearl! It is so exciting waiting to see what you get — it could be white or a variety of natural colors and could range in sizes! Whatever you get in your oyster is what she sends off to have set in the jewelry piece you selected! Even if you don’t choose to get a piece of jewelry, it is fun watching what everyone else gets…..but, if it is YOUR oyster, the anticipation is sooooooo exciting……and addicting!!! 😀 I have gotten several pieces – most have not arrived, yet, but the ones I have received are really awesome! My oysters have provided me with white, cream, peach, lavender, and even black pearls – I even got twins once!!! So far, my favorite pieces are a “Companion Ring”  with a large cream pearl and a slightly smaller peach pearl and this “Angel by My Side” necklace I got in honor of my Mom (my first purchase)!

I can not wait to get the other pieces I have on the way!


Now, here are some of my favorite photos from the Daily Photo Challenge over the past couple of weeks….I’ll include the topics that inspired them:





Starts with B





Oh No!


So, until next time…….remember:

2 Comments on “Playing Catch Up

    • Yep – the one thing that WAS on the calendar got canceled, so I used my wonderful white-out so it looks as open as it is! 😀

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