Foggy Monday and More

I love taking photos in and of the fog! So, when our Monday brought a heavy fog to the area and I had to go out to have fasting blood work done for my next routine doctor’s appointment next week, well……I took my camera along and took a drive through Mount Albion Cemetery on my way to Brockport!

I caught a squirrel playing just as he headed up the side of the tree in the center of the photo!

My favorite one!

I used this one for my Daily Photo Challenge (#scenic) – it is my favorite one from above, but with an Instagram filter to bring out the sun a little more than it showed up in the original!

Then, since my blood work was fasting and I hadn’t eaten since supper the night before, I left the lab and went straight to the Chinese Restaurant for lunch……this is my fortune……I really pray this is true!!! 😀

And…..a few more photos that I particularly liked from the past few days:

I attended an awesome concert at a little Cabaret in Albion on Sunday…..Dave Mancini and Friends – “Jazz Meets Classical”! The bright lights on the stage washed out the faces on all the photos, so I saved this one in B&W to compensate for it……turned out pretty cool!

And, finally……see that little area in front of the wall on the right hand side of the photo? Well, that’s where Megan’s bed is supposed to be and has been for quite some time. The other night, Megan decided she wanted it moved……she dragged it away from the wall, then pushed it to where you see it here, then walked around it several times and made small adjustments to the position, then gave it a few nose butts to secure the location and curled up and got comfortable! Within minutes of taking this photo, she was snoring like a freight train – I guess moving your furniture around takes a lot out of you!!! LOL

Have a wonderful day!

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