2019 Colorado Adventure – Garden of the Gods

The absolute highlight of my time in Colorado was visiting Garden of the Gods! I was close enough that I could drive through it every day…..and, I did!!! It was part of a tour I took and we spent a lot of time there learning all about it. But, I went back and spent more quiet time there a couple times and at least drove through it every day. It is so awe inspiring! The story we heard on the tour was that in August 1859, two surveyors from Denver City set out to formally locate Colorado City – what is now known as Old Colorado City (see my first Colorado post). While exploring the area, they came upon this area of sandstone rock formations. One of the surveyors suggested it might be a good place for a “beer garden” – the other one countered that it is more fitting as a place for the Gods to assemble and declared it called “Garden of the Gods” and it is still known by that name to this day. The area is all natural formations – no human intervention altered the formations in any way. In 1879, Charles Perkins, president of the Chicago Burlington Quincy Railroad, purchased much of the land – 240 total acres. After his death, his family gave the land to the city of Colorado Springs at his request to be used as a park – with the stipulation that it be known as Garden of the Gods and that it remain free forever to all visitors. In 1909, it was dedicated as a free city park and is registered as a national natural landmark. The formations are sandstone and tower 300 feet in the air!.In the early 1900’s, a Trading Post was added that is still there, today, and is still operated as a trading post……with LOTS of pretty awesome stuff in it! They also have a Visitors Center, but I didn’t stop there, so can’t speak to it…..I understand it is pretty cool and interesting, though!

Keep in mind, these photos in no way will ever do the beauty of Garden of the Gods justice…….it took my breath away and literally brought me to tears! I’m so glad that my hotel was just 5 minutes away and I could spend so much time there at different times of the day to get the full perspective! I have a lot of duplicate photos taken at different times and different days – it will be really hard for me to restrain myself from posting every photo I took…..but, I’ll try to behave and pick the very best…..if that is possible! Here we go:

Cathedral Valley

We saw this guy and I immediately said aloud: “Run, Forrest, Run”!!! Everyone on the tour cracked up and said “YES!!!”

North Gateway Rock and White Rock

North Gateway Rock and White Rock

Kissing Camels (see the top center of the North Gateway Rock)

Balancing Rock (right) and Steamboat Rock – they used to be one rock, but were separated by earthquakes and tremors – if you look close, you can see the bands in the rocks are identical and you can follow an imaginary line from one to the other!

Me with Balancing Rock

I went one evening to try to get sunset photos with the formations……but, it was a bad night for sunsets……this is as close as I got to a sunset photo! boo hoo

Definitely a MUST SEE when going to Colorado!





9 Comments on “2019 Colorado Adventure – Garden of the Gods

    • Thank you……it is now also one of my favorite places anywhere…..and definitely my favorite place that I visited in CO!

  1. Nice article and photos. Glad you had a nice visit. I’m a Medina native who now lives the dream in Colorado Springs.

    • I loved Colorado Springs area — I’ll write about the rest of my trip in two weeks with my next article. Too bad I didn’t know you were there – could have looked you up for more ideas on what to see and do! Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my Hub articles. If you don’t want to wait for my next article, you can enter “Colorado Adventure” in the search box here on my blog to get the other blog posts from that trip.

  2. I was fortunate enough to stay in C Springs twice last year. We stayed at the Garden of the Gods resort which afforded us the jaw dropping view of the park from our balcony. We hiked to the Siamese Twins for sunrise one morning. They are the perfect photo op for Pikes Peak as the sun is rising. I am pretty certain that we walked every single trail in the park over the two trips. You are correct, photos cannot do the beauty justice.
    I am looking forward to our next trip there because it quickly became a favorite destination but also because they have opened an In N Out restaurant there! Happy travels!

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting! I’ll have to remember the GotG Resort next time I stay in the area. Did you spend some time in Old Colorado Springs? Loved that, too – had breakfast and dinner there several times – great restaurants and shops!

      • We did not. We did SO much and have so much more that we want to do there! We went to Canon City, Cripple Creek, Manitou Springs, almost too many places to list.
        We had my birthday dinner at The Rabbit Hole and a great burger at the Skirted Heifer. We were there a week at a time-July and then the end of September. We spent 5 days in C Springs and the rest in other places. Vail, Boulder, Denver, and GotG resort. Hopefully heading back in October. Thanks for your blog!

      • Definitely include Old Colorado City in your future plans – it is a great walking experience. I did all you mention here and more – I also ate at the Rabbit Hole – that was fun! Next week’s article for the Hub will be the rest of my Colorado adventure.

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