Thursday Photos….

Always so much going on… are some photos from the last week or so:

Last Saturday, I joined six other local LulaRoe retailers from my team to do a fundraiser for Albion First United Methodist Church. It was fun……we had a lull in the customers coming through, so we went across the street to St. Joe’s and outside the Christ Church to do a photo shoot of us wearing different outfits to post on our group pages against some awesome backdrops….here are some of the shots:

My 2018 landscaping projects are just about done……each year over the past six summers I have done a little more toward my vision for my yard…..this year, I finally finished by adding the last section!!! We still have a few bushes to add that weren’t available the day the bulk of the work was done…..and, of course, there will be annual upkeep and add a little here and there and replace this and that and touch up now and then for all eternity, but it is essentially done!!! Woo Hoo!!!

The last section is along the east fence line and in front of the shed

Two years ago, a friend gave me a red peony tree in honor of my Mom just after she passed. I was so excited to get that thoughtful gift…..but, it did not survive the horribly hot, dry summer and then the winter we had that year! I was so sad……so, I asked my landscapers to find another one for me and they did!!! They put it in last year and this year it has its first bud!

And, yesterday, it popped open!!!!

Mom would have LOVED this!!!

My pink dogwood didn’t have as many blossoms this year as it usually does……maybe because of that ice storm right that happened right when things were starting to bud out!

My crown jewel in my front yard is my weeping Japanese crab apple tree!!!

But, alas…….it doesn’t last long…….the blossoms fell and covered the ground like a snowfall after a hard rain!

And, finally……some of my favorite Daily Photo Challenge photos since the last time I posted some:

These were my very first tap shoes – I was about 4 years old – thought I’d put them to good use, since I’m obviously never going to wear them, again! hahaha I may swap out the succulents cause these are bigger than I thought they’d be in the shoes……but, we’ll see how I like them after looking at them for a few days!

Until next time……..enjoy the season!!!

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    • Not sure if I’ll be able to get to one of the weekends, this year……that makes me sad!

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