Lunch, Ghosts, and A Psychic…..

Guess what I did, today……I spent the afternoon with friends having lunch at a haunted asylum with ghosts and a psychic!!! Yep!!!

A friend invited me along to an annual joint county work meeting that was held at Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY. Rolling Hills started out as a Poor House and was later an asylum for mentally and physically ill patients. It has been privately owned for some time, now, and is nationally recognized for the paranormal activity within the facility. The current owners hold ghost hunts and other events there – mostly at night. I’m glad I went in the daylight — it was spooky enough as it was……thinking I would be curious about going at night, but likely would not enjoy it – not a fan of being scared! LOL

The event consisted of a brief overview of the history of the property, a guided tour, lunch, a psychic reading (she talked to several in the group about spirits of loved ones around them and then hypnotized a volunteer for past life regression…..very cool), and then we were allowed to wander around on our own to get better photos and a closer look. No ghosts or shadows were sighted while we were there and none of my photos have orbs or shadows in them. BUT……we DID hear “I’m here” twice on a recorder that picks up voices and a set of wands that spirits use to communicate moved to answer questions being asked of them (apparently, there was a spirit that came with someone in the group who wanted to be recognized) and the suit hanging in the morgue moved. Also……when I started to take some photos in the chapel, I saw a tiny white dot float across in front of the lens – but, the photos didn’t capture it. So…..there was some activity around us!

I really did have a great time — it was lots of fun and very interesting…….I especially enjoyed the psychic – she was good and it was an intense experience! I hoped she would pick me, but glad she didn’t – I think I’d like to hear what she has to say privately and am considering booking a session with her.

So……here are some photos from today:

This is the psychic – Ms. Lorna Marie Reynolds (left) and the owner of Rolling Hills

The tour guide told us that some people have felt a hand on their shoulder or the wheels turning (wheel chair moving) when they have sat in this wheel chair and asked for help finding their way. When we wandered around on our own, I sat in it and asked for help, but nothing happened.

This is our tour guide asking the spirits questions and the wands moving in response…..

Our tour guide — everyone who works here is there on a volunteer basis and has ghost hunting experience

The suit that moved…..

Some from the group laid on the table to see if they could feel spirits helping them – I don’t think anyone did

Here is where I saw the “floater” in my camera lens, but it didn’t come out on any of the photos – my friend, Jan on the right side

One of the spookiest things we saw all day……in my opinion!

So…..there you go……if you have an opportunity to tour this place or attend an event there, do it…..just be careful to not allow them to “keep” you!!! hehehe

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