Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

I went to the most amazing animal park with some friends that were visiting from NC this week!!! Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is located in Varysburg, NY – near Attica – and is a wonderful place to spend a few hours! You take a trolley ride through the park and so many super cool animals come right up to the trolley when it stops to beg for treats…..and they get lots of them!!! ❤ There is also a small animal area where you can pet and feed some and others you can see through a barrier. I very much enjoyed ALL the animals we saw, but I particularly loved the camels – what wonderful, gentle giants they are!!! And…..I was amazed that I went all over the mid-west hoping to see Buffalo / Bison up close, but only saw them off in the distance and here right in my own back yard (so to speak), I was not only able to get up close to some, but I was able to FEED them!!! WOW!!!

Here are some of the photos:

Another wonderful adventure in the history books……this one I will surely repeat over and over and over, again!!! LOVED IT!!!!



4 Comments on “Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

  1. Felt like I was right there..never took the trolley ride but have been there several times for other events

    • It is so fun…….if you’ve never been (or even if you have), you should take the grandkids! 😀

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