Makes You Wonder….

When you see something left abandoned, broken, a ghost of what was or could be……when you stumble onto something that is no longer loved, cherished, a part of someone’s life……when you find something like this, it makes you wonder…….

On Kent Road in Albion, just barely a stone’s through off the busy Ridge Road, there is such a thing. A house that has long since been left alone….lonely…..abandoned…..sad. A house that no longer protects a family… longer provides warmth and shelter and memories. This house…..just a shell, really……with the curtains flying in the breeze, paint no longer clinging to the walls, windows no longer keeping out the elements, makes me wonder……

This house is not like many other abandoned houses you may come across……no…….it is not boarded up or left as it once was. This house is left exposed… to all who pass by…….for all to see how sad, lonely, and broken it is inside…..and out. Left to make us wonder……

I first noticed this house in August. I have driven by there many times over the years, but it never caught my eye until that day. When it did become known to me, I had to stop and photograph it. It intrigued me…..spoke to me…..wanted me to know it was there and to remember it……and to wonder……

I have driven by it many times since and always slow down and gaze upon it in an attempt to assure it that it matters enough for me to take a moment in time to acknowledge it is there. And I wonder…….I wonder how it got to the state it is in, today……what it once looked like……who once loved it……who went to the store to pick out those curtains that now just wave to those passing by……what spirits remain to remember what once was. Oh, now, before you think I’m batty – I don’t literally think it is haunted, but as with many old, abandoned things, there is a story to tell embedded in the walls that are just aching to tell it, there is a soul – spirit, if you will – remaining behind trying to keep the memories alive. And, it makes me wonder…….

I drove by last night at dusk and got a whole different perspective. That soul / spirit seemed to be more alive…..the setting sun shining through the open windows, the snow and wind declaring how cold and open it really, truly is……the darkness setting in, but yet, still providing enough light through the openness to be able to imagine the memories…..and to allow us to wonder…….

So, I took yet another photo…..this one more telling than the rest… I could share it with you all……and so you could wonder, as well! ❤

And, now, imagine the house is the one singing this song…….


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