Photos of the Day – Sept 22nd and 23rd

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 22-23, 2017:


# 265 Photo Prompt – Care:

“It’s All In the Details…”


Purple nails for the Albion Purple Eagles Homecoming Game!

# 265 Caught By My Lens:

And…..the rest of the outfit – my Purple Eagle Pride shining bright!!!

Lula Roe eagle leggings and purple Albion HS Alumni Foundation T-Shirt


# 266 Photo Prompt – Rule of Thirds:

“On the Side of the Road”


# 266 Caught By My Lens:

“Rut Ro…..Found this up in my second story dormer!!!”

Haven’t seen any activity, but thinking I need to call an exterminator……too high to shoot spray (think even the long distance spray kind) and I’m not about to get up there any closer!!!




8 Comments on “Photos of the Day – Sept 22nd and 23rd

  1. Kim, I think your school spirit is great! I hope you had a wonderful time at homecoming.

    • I did! I always love working the Alumni Booth and greeting all the wonderful past AHS grads that stop by to see us!

  2. It’s me again–I just found out the translation of alma mater and I wanted to share it with you in case you had never questioned it: “alma mater” (nurturing mother) I have known that term forever and just accepted it without wondering. Hmmm

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