Photos of the Day – September 21st

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 21, 2017:

# 264 Photo Prompt – Between:

“Stuck……Rock……Hard Place!”


# 264 Caught By My Lens:

“He’s Baaaaack!!!”

My new friend……the pretty colored squirrel……has proven to be quite the dare devil! Yesterday, I caught him balancing between the shepherd’s hook and bird feeder and at the time the photo above was shot, he was precariously stretched between the two and the feeder was pushing away — I was sure he was about to fall on his butt, BUT…..he hung on! 😀

I attended a “Mini / Fairy Garden” class at Navarra’s Farm Market and Greenhouses last night. I’ve made several fairy gardens, but none this year, so I wanted to go and enjoy some time with friends and create something pretty! I took the gnome, fairy, and houses I painted in ceramics and a rock I painted earlier in the day to make it extra special…..I wasn’t sure how much would fit, but I managed to get it all in and then some! LOVE how it turned out!

One of my “crafty” friends, Jan, and me with our finished products! Jan’s was AMAZING!!!

Jan’s……the Best in Class!!! 😀

AND…….I won a door prize……how stinking cute is this!!!???



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