Photos of the Day – September 20th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 20, 2017:

# 263 Photo Prompt – Dinner:

“Making off with a mouthful for later….”

#dinner   #hegottwo

# 263 Caught By My Lens:

“Not my usual gray squirrel!!!???”

First I’ve seen this little guy, but my neighbor across the street has seen him in her feeders for a while. He is a really pretty color…..sorta like a red squirrel and a gray squirrel hooked up and had this love child!!! hahaha

Morning Visitors

The Bird Buffet was a busy eatery this morning! At one point, I had TWO squirrels, FOUR blue jays, and TWO crows all jockeying for their share of the goodies! The squirrels kept chasing the crows away, but they’d come right back……..the blue jays fought each other for their spot at the tray…….and the blue jays tried to run the squirrels off, but that didn’t work – the squirrels held their ground! Some ate from the tray and others were lazy and just waited to grab up the ones that fell on the ground! It was an extremely entertaining morning, in deed! 😀

Pole Dancer Extraordinaire!!! 

And, one of the blue jays had to show off HIS pole dancing skills, too!



2 Comments on “Photos of the Day – September 20th

    • I don’t discriminate —- all are welcome to dine at my buffet…..I’ve even had deer eating out of the bird feeders!!! LOL

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