Photos of the Day – September 24th and 25th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 24-25, 2017:

This should be my primary Photo of the Day everyday!!!


# 267 Photo Prompt – Everyday Adventures:

“Time For Hay Rides”



# 268 Photo Prompt – Clean:

“All Caught Up”


# 268 Caught By My Lens:

Spider Man Pest Control came to remove my hornet’s nest! Thankfully, he discovered it was inactive and harmless! He scraped it off the side of the house where it was located in my dormer and was successful in getting it down in one piece! A science teacher I know wanted it, if we could get it down intact and it was safe to handle. I have never seen one up close and certainly never seen the inside of one! I was amazed when I saw it……so delicate – it can easily be crushed or crumble – I’m surprised the wind and rain doesn’t ruin it after all the work the hornets put into making it! Also, since it was stuck to the side of the house, it is only three sided, so it is really cool to see all the intricate architecture of the hive…..layer after layer of little homes for their eggs! Incredible! I hope the students who get to study this are as in awe of it as I am! Now…..if it wasn’t inactive, that bugger would have been saturated with chemicals and crushed into nothingness without a second thought! hehehe




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