Photos of the Day – August 23rd and 24th

Here are my Photos of the Day for August 23-24, 2017:


# 235 Photo Prompt – Starts with W:

“Wet Cushions”


See what I did there? 🙂

# 235 Caught By My Lens – another starts with W:

“Wild Sunflower”


Hhhmmm…..I didn’t plant sunflowers, this year……guess the birds thought I should have! 🙂


LLR Carly……yeah, I’m obsessed with Carly!

The lighting really impacts color perception! When I bought this and when I put it on in the morning, I was sure it was brown and black diagonals……but, get it out in the sun and see it through the camera lens, and I see it is actually dark mustard and navy blue! I think I like it better after that revelation! 🙂


# 236 Photo Prompt – Starts with X:

“Xpress Fitness”


Where I X-ercise!!! hehehe

# 236 Caught By My Lens:

“Very odd and scary bug….”

I stopped by the cemetery to water plants, today – before I leave I always kiss my finger tips and touch the tops of the stones on my parent’s and grandparent’s graves……just as I reached out to touch my grandparent’s stone, I saw THIS!!! Eeewww…… My first thought is that it looked like a cross between a wasp and a scorpion……so, neither one of those are something I want to be stung by! Needless to say, I jerked my hand back QUICK……and, then I took a photo…..duh!

I posted the pic on the FB page of a friend who is a bug expert…..she has a much more impressive title and works in the field of Entomology research, but “bug expert” sums it up nicely! Before she saw it, a friend of her’s responded with: “That is a pelecinid wasp, specifically Pelecinus polyturator. They parasitize June beetle larvae; hence the long ovipositor”. (in plain English, he said it is a “good bug, unless you’re a June Beetle”!)


LLR Leggings and Aqua Classic Tee

These amazing colors brightened an otherwise overcast day! 🙂


August 2017s Photo Prompts:

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