What the heck, man? Seriously?

OK, so I went out to get my mail this morning. The box had the usual stuff in it…..mostly junk mail and catalogs and magazines…..no bills, today, YAY! On my way to the recycle bin, one of the magazines caught my eye……the cover was colorful and fun! I immediately recognized the work of Peter Max – famous artist of the hippy-era – LOVED HIM and had several of his posters in my bedroom as a teenage! 🙂 So, I looked to see what it was bringing attention to….and saw that it promoted an article inside about the 1967 Summer of Love! Cool!

It was sooooooo good to see Peter Max and the Summer of Love once again on the cover of the Rolling St…….oh, wait……it was on the cover of the AARP Magazine!!! WHAT???? That was too funny……I burst out laughing – right there over the recycle bin in my garage!!! LOL I know I’m getting “up there” and always feel a little shocked to see a famous person I know is my age or slightly older featured on the cover of AARP, but……come on……Peter Max and the Summer of Love……they are forever symbols of youth and fun and love and free spirits……oh, well – life goes on and grows older! I’m cool with that…..and I was sure thankful for the chuckle this gave me, this morning!

And, there’s no way I can resist the chance to share this great song! hehehe

2 Comments on “What the heck, man? Seriously?

    • I’m only a member for the discounts…..hehehe – between AARP and AAA, they come in handy on my adventures!

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