Photos of the Day – August 21st and 22nd

Here are my Photos of the Day for August 21-22, 2017:


# 233 Photo Prompt – Starts with U:

“Under the Awning”


# 233 Caught By My Lens:

Antique “Look-Out” Chair

I scored this great find on a local auction site! The stools I had at this counter were uncomfortable and, therefore, hardly ever used. So, when I saw this, I knew I had to have it! I bid on it and won the bid! I put my two old stools on the same auction site and got almost the same $ for them as I paid for this treasure, so win-win! It is oak and is an antique known as a “Look-Out” chair. The story the sellers told was that they got it in Arizona and there is an almost exact copy on display in a theater in Tuscon. They said they were told that it was used in saloons during poker games – the chair is wider in the seat to accommodate holsters and guns on the man’s hips as he sat there – it is higher than the chairs at the poker tables so the look-out man could watch over the players looking out for cheaters. How cool is that??? It is the perfect height for me to sit at my counter to work when prepping meals or baked goods and it is VERY comfortable to sit on! But, even if it never gets used, I love the look of it and the story…..and it fits in nicely with some of the other antiques I have in my dining room – my Grandma’s china closet and the folding settee that was one of the original pieces George Pullman requisitioned for the Pullman Universalist Church in Albion!


LLR Jade (sport capris) and Perfect Tee


OK, so I didn’t get the eclipse glasses and go out and stare up at the sun to see the eclipse! Yep – I’m the odd woman out on this one! But, I did hope to see it get dark and maybe get some photos of the yard in the middle of the day darkness…..which never really happened – yeah, it looked slightly overcast for a bit, but that was it! So, in our area, it wasn’t that big of a “thing”.

What I DID get excited about was the broom thing! For those who didn’t hear about it……I started seeing all my friends posting pictures on FB of their brooms standing upright all by themselves – apparently, there was a story going around that this can only happen during a solar eclipse because of the change in gravitational pull – cool! So, I tried it……didn’t work…..figured it was because my broom has a slanted bottom. My friends told me to try again – that it worked with other slanted brooms. I did and got it to work! I was so excited……here’s my photo:

Then……when I posted it, a friend felt it was their duty to burst my bubble and tell me it is a hoax for gullible people……you can actually do this any day if you find the brooms center of gravity when trying to make it stand on its own! So, I tried it again, today, and sure enough……it took a few turns and tries, but I got it to do it again – no eclipse to fiddle with the gravitational pull…….I’m a tad disappointed and feel let down…..but, I still think it is cool and I learned a trick that I didn’t know how to do before, so I’m good! 🙂

Here is today’s photo – still standing with no eclipse!


# 234 Photo Prompt – Starts with V:




LLR Perfect Tee with black capris

This fun print is different coming and going – the back is the opposite of the front and the same as the sleeves!


AUGUST 2017s Photo Prompts:

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