Photos of the Day – Aug 15th and 16th

Here are my Photos of the Day for August 15-16, 2017:


# 227 Photo Prompt – Starts with O:

“Orange Sherbet Outfit”

#startswithO   #lularoecarly

# 227 Caught By My Lens:

I went up to get ready for bed and found Megan and Lamb Chop (Megan’s favorite toy) all cozy in the bed! The bed was made up before she went up, but she wanted to make a comfy spot for her and her friend! 🙂

Then, she thought Lamb Chop was too far away, so she pulled her in for a hug and snuggle! Aaawww!!!


My Photo of the Day is also my OOTD……LLR Carly with a Joy duster added for a little “something-something”!


# 228 Photo Prompt – Starts with P:

“Peanut Toting Blue Jay”



These fun LLR Leggings with telephones on them and a Perfect Tee are so appropriate because just yesterday I sold all the corded phones I had – the last of the tasks associated with cutting the cord and going to a “cell-only” life!


August 2017s Photo Prompts:

4 Comments on “Photos of the Day – Aug 15th and 16th

    • Unsalted — I’ve read that salted peanuts are not good for the birds, so better safe than sorry and they love them!

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