Photos of the Day – August 13th and 14th

Here are my Photos of the Day for August 13-14, 2017:


# 224 Photo Prompt – Starts with M:




LLR Perfect Tee and solid black Leggings


My third and final Hello Fresh meal of the week was Sweet-as-Honey Chicken with Snow Peas over Jasmine Rice. Another excellent meal…..I did make an alteration, though – I like snow peas, but not as many as they sent – I prefer a few in a medley of other veggies. So, I only used a few and supplemented the meal with some baby peas I had in the freezer. YUM!!! That’s it for this week…..the rest of the week I’ll be eating plate # 2 of each of the three meals and/or finding something worth eating! 🙂


# 226 Photo Prompt – Starts with N:

“Not Your Average Scarecrow”

#startswithN    #auntsamantha


LLR Wine colored Irma top with Unicorn Leggings……how fun are these???


August 2017s Photo Prompts:

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