Walking Tour of Old St. Joseph Cemetery – 08-13-17

This evening, I attended the second in the annual series of Walking Tours of local Albion cemeteries held in August each year. Tonight’s tour was of the Old St. Joseph’s Cemetery on Brown Road. This cemetery had some interesting stories and rich history relating to the Catholic immigrants that formed the St. Joseph and St. Mary Assumption Churches in Albion. This was the first cemetery dedicated to Catholic burials in the area – a precursor to the current St. Joseph Cemetery on Rt. 31.

Here are some photos I took during the tour:

Many of the graves are unmarked or modestly marked because the immigrants could not afford expensive stones to mark the graves of their loved ones. Also, some were exhumed and moved to the new St. Joseph’s Cemetery once it was established. So, it looks like there is a lot of empty space….but, in reality, there are people buried there, just may not have markers. But, the graves that are marked make for some interesting photographs…..and some were quite extravagant for the times and the poor status of the people.

Hughes – middle – is the largest of the monuments in this cemetery

One of the more recent graves…….I assume based on their dates, that they may have purchased their plots prior to the new St. Joseph Cemetery opening in the 1920s and decided to keep their plots in the old cemetery when they had the option to trade for spots in the new cemetery.

In the back of the cemetery, the sun was so pretty shining through the trees…

….which caused sun rays to fall on this wooden cross marker

Next week, we tour the current St. Joseph’s Cemetery on Route 31. Then, the final tour of the series will be back at Mount Albion.

4 Comments on “Walking Tour of Old St. Joseph Cemetery – 08-13-17

    • It is a small cemetery, but nice……it has a great iron arch entrance sign you’d love, but the sun made it difficult to get a nice pic of it for you!

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