2016 Daily Photo – May 11-13

Here is the continuation of May’s Daily Photos for the 11th – 13th:


051116_One Handsome Dude

“One Handsome Dude”

This good looking fella greets customers and passersby in front of Frontier Heating on Bank Street in Albion


051216_Lighted Code

“Lighted Code”

These lights are on the upper floor of a building on the south side of Bank Street (above where Empire Trading is now). According to former Orleans County Historian, Bill Lattin, the building was once the Masonic Building and the lights were codes for who could enter. If the BLUE light was illuminated, it meant there was a regular Masonic meeting going on and any Mason could come in, but no one else. If the WHITE light was illuminated, it meant there was an Eastern Star meeting going on and the woman who belonged to Eastern Star could enter. But, if the RED light was illuminated, it meant that only the upper echelon of the Masons could enter – only those elite members and no one else! Cool, huh?


NOTE: I decided to make Friday’s Daily Photo into a Series of Three photos titled, “The Friday Evening Fun Series”. I was sitting out on my porch this evening enjoying a beautiful evening while reading my book and watching my birds. I had a couple good shots that I was going to choose from for today’s photo of the day, but as soon as I got back inside to download them, a hummingbird paid a visit and I was able to snap one quick shot before she flew away! I thought that was my photo, but I liked the other two, as well……so, a series it is!

051316_Evening Swim

“Evening Swim”

# 1 of 3 – A Starling enjoying the bird bath!

051316_Evening Dinner

“Evening Meal”

# 2 of 3 – A Downey Woodpecker enjoying some nuts!

051316_Evening Sweet Treat

“Evening Sweet Treat”

# 3 of 3 – THE GRAND FINALE – A Hummingbird enjoying some sweet desserts!

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