Hummingbirds and Orioles and Such

Yesterday and today have brought me my first Hummingbird and Oriole sightings at my feeders! I was so excited to see them start to enjoy the treats I put out for them and hope they keep returning and bring their friends!


I just put out my hummingbird feeders a few days ago. I was sitting here looking out my den window and a Hummingbird buzzed around the porch looking for the hanging plants and nectar feeders that are usually there by now. He looked so disappointed that I went right out that day and bought two hanging plants that have red petunias and put up the nectar feeders. It took him a few days to finally return and when he did, he only hung out long enough for me to get one really quick shot – no time to ensure a good focus or framing, but I got it! He’s been back a couple times since for just a fleeting few seconds and I hope to get more photos as the season progresses.


051316_Evening Sweet Treat


I have had both grape jelly and oriole nectar feeders out for a couple weeks with no activity at all. The feeders were out at the buffet with the rest of the feeders and I wondered if maybe the Orioles were intimidated by the Starlings and Grackles that tend to swarm the feeders and act like bullies. So, I moved them away from the buffet and put them close to the front porch. Then……..BAM – I get a gorgeous lady Oriole and she came back off and on several times throughout the afternoon – always to enjoy some of the grape jelly! I think it is time to go ahead and put an orange half out for her and see if she likes that, too!







I posted earlier in the month some photos of a beautiful Blue Bird who came to visit. After I saw him, I started putting out meal worm cakes to try to attract him back. He has been back a couple of times, but the bully Starlings and Grackles keep eating all the meal worm cakes, so there hasn’t been anything there for him to eat when he does come by! 😦 I wondered if I put the meal worms closer to the house, maybe he will feel more comfortable. So, I did – I put out a dish of loose meal worms for him. Several days went by – no Blue Bird. Then, this morning, the Starlings and Grackles discovered the loose meal worms and made short work of the bowl……they swarmed in and inhaled them…….and left their signatures all over my newly painted porch floor!!! UGH!!! So – that didn’t work! Not sure what I will try next to attract him back — definitely don’t want to do anything to keep the bullies that close to the house, so will have to figure out something else!


Blue Bird a few days ago – came in and perched on the wires, but didn’t find anything worth hanging around for!


This morning….NOT WELCOME is what the sign should say……these Starlings were waiting their turn at the meal worm bowl!


The other beautiful sight I wanted to share is of my pink dogwood tree. It is in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous!!! The last two years, it didn’t get any blossoms because the late snow storms killed the buds. This year, it came back in all its glory and I LOVE IT!!!


So much beauty around us……so much joy to behold!!!

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