2016 Daily Photos – May 8-10

First……I have to fess up that I got sidetracked on Saturday, the 7th, and completely forgot to get a photo of the day! Ooppssie!! But, to make amends, I took TWO photos on Sunday. Here is the continuation of May’s Daily Photos for the 8th thru the 10th.


050816_Happy Mother's Day

“Happy Mother’s Day”

As I left church on Sunday morning, I noticed these lovely red and yellow tulips on the corner under the “Christ Church” sign. The Christ Episcopal Church is where our congregation – the Albion First United Methodist Church – holds our worship services since we moved out of our previous church building and put it up for sale. The church is actually the second building shown in this photo – the red brick bell tower just beyond the red house is the front of the church. Erected in 1830, it is the oldest church building in Orleans County still being used for worship. It was originally built by the Presbyterians and used by them until they built their new church on the corner of Main and State Streets. The Episcopalian congregation took over the building in 1844 and still hold their worship services there to this day. They were gracious enough to agree to share their space with us when we needed a new location.

050816_Rain Dance

“Rain Dance”

The May 6th daily photo was of the very first blossoms on this weeping crab apple tree. Now – just two days later on May 8th – the tree is loaded with blossoms and still many more buds yet to open! Hard to see in the photo, but the gentle rain and wind made this weeper dance and sway in joy…..and really made me smile! This is photo # 2 for May 8th to make up for no photo on the 7th! 🙂


050916_Under the Watchful Eye of Mr Bunny

“Under The Watchful Eye of Mr. Bunny”

I love this bunny. He sits on my mantle and keeps his eye on things…..not much gets past ole Mr. Bunny! 🙂


051016_Whats For Dinner

“What’s For Dinner?”

On my way back from our monthly Ladies Lunch with a group from church, I spotted three turkey buzzards up on top of a power scaffold. I pulled over and snapped a series of shots of them – this one being my favorite of all three together. The one spreading his wings was acting agitated – like he was trying to get the other two to help him find dinner, but they just perched there like lazy lumps! 🙂


051016_Bonus Buzzard

The poor agitated one finally took off on his own – this is my favorite shot of him soaring off!

2 Comments on “2016 Daily Photos – May 8-10

  1. Hey Kim, great shots ! I especially like the very first one of the Episcopal Church which is as you say is the second building. If my memory serves me correctly, the first building, the house used to be occupied many years [decades] ago by the mother and Paul & Kathy Mahany. It is also right across the street from St. Joe’s Catholic Church ! Seems like yesterday we were all still kids playing in Kathy’s yard ! Thanks for sharing ! -Poof-

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