2016 Daily Photos – May 4-6

Continuing on with daily photos for May 2016 focusing on photos that make me smile……here are the May 4-6 photos:


050416_Strolling Along the Tow Path

“Strolling Along the Towpath”

This photo was taken from the Eagle Harbor boat launch looking towards the Village of Albion – two ladies walking with strollers on the towpath along the Erie Barge Canal


050516_Dandalion Fields Forever

“Dandelion Fields Forever”

This field was filled with dandelions as far as the eye could see…..made me think of the Beatles song “Strawberry Fields Forever”, but with the word Dandelion replacing Strawberry! 🙂


050616_First Blossoms

“First Blossoms”

This weeping crab apple tree is in my front yard. It is LOADED with buds and will be absolutely gorgeous in no time at all, but it is always such a thrill to see the first buds pop open to display delicate pink blossoms!

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