As seen along the way….

What fun is an adventure that only has one focus? I typically like to expand my fun on the way, around, and on the way back, if at all possible! You never know what you might find along the way!

When I drove to Eden, I set Gabby to avoid toll roads so she wouldn’t keep trying to get me to go on the thruway – nothing great to see on the thruway! As usual, it paid off……here are a few of the things I discovered along the way:

The coolest looking Subway shop I’ve ever seen!!! This was in Eden just before I got to the kazoo factory.



An army helicopter and war memorial at the American Legion Post in Eden!




A lovely park across the street from where I had lunch!041

Every little railway town has a depot – the one in Eden Center is in really nice shape!


I had lunch at the Four Corners Cafe in Eden – love the corner focus of the building!


And, the building on the opposite corner of the same intersection was cool looking, too!


Notice the name of the pizza parlor next door to the Four Corners Cafe – if you can’t read the sign, it says “Eatsa Pizza”…..hahaha!!!


Now, on to Hamburg, NY…..this wall mural of a train over a tressle was between Eden and Hamburg!


This optometrist in Hamburg has a cool sense of humor……giant glasses in the trees!!!


Love the art work in front of this veterinarian in Hamburg!



These two wall murals were in an alley in downtown Hamburg!



I sat on a bench to rest while wandering around downtown Hamburg across from this beautiful building – it was once a lodge of some kind and is now used as an assisted living home – note all the residents out on the patio enjoying the sun and watching the world go by!


I usually love to find horse or cow statues – none to be found on this trip, but this buffalo on top of a restaurant roof was a good substitute!!!


That’s all for now…….

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