Kazoo Factory Adventure

Check another item off my Adventure Bucket List……I finally went to tour the Kazoo Factory and Museum in Eden, NY this week! The Original American Kazoo Company was established in 1916 right here in the small village of Eden in Western New York, where the first metal kazoo was made. This same building, with the same die presses that were in the business for other purposes since 1907 and the same process for manufacturing kazoos used since 1916, is now the only metal kazoo factory in North America. It is a true working museum where you can watch the employees manufacture kazoos exactly as they did in 1916. Visit their web site for more history and tour information – click here!

When you think of a kazoo, you likely think of a child’s toy. But, in fact, kazoos have many professional musical uses. When you hum into the end of a kazoo, it creates a vibration that turns your hum into a musical instrument. It really is very cool and fun! Like they say at The Original American Kazoo Company in Eden, NY: “If you can hum, you can play”! This is a photo of the original metal kazoo – sold to me yesterday – looks just like it did back in 1916!



Here are some photos of my adventure:



Enter through the front where the gift shop is located


You can’t miss this stunning pink flamingo just before entering the factory


All along the horseshoe shaped walkway are tutorials with step-by-step details of the process



This young man greeted me and asked if I had any questions while he worked one of the presses


This tutorial board describes step # 18 – the final step in the process


And then there are the displays of many different vintage and novelty kazoos





And displays of ads, historic information, and photos


I loved this photo above the manufacturing area – a All American Kazoo Band!!!


Visitors are invited to pin a piece of paper with their name and where they came from on this map


And, finally, the bins of various types of kazoos that are for sale in the gift shop

They also have less expensive plastic kazoos that they do not make there, but some people like that option for their kids

So, there you have it……a gorgeous day for an adventure and a very fine adventure it was!!! I’m very glad I took the time to learn all about the history of kazoos in our little corner of the world……and I got a t-shirt to prove it!!! hehehe

2 Comments on “Kazoo Factory Adventure

  1. I drove through Eden late in the day last summer and they were closed. I need to try and get there this year. A shirt, but no kazoo? Really? Here I thought that we could start a band!

    • Oh, yes — I got several kazoos and have had a blast handing them out to all the kids I know and teaching them how to play it! And, of course, am keeping one for myself! 🙂 When you go back to Eden, plan some time in downtown Hamburg – lots of cool stuff there, too!

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