Pink Flamingos

I always used to think having pink flamingos in your yard was corny – something you see in retirement communities in Florida or your grandparents home……in fact, I do believe I remember my grandparents having pink flamingos adorning a bird bath at their summer cottage! But, lately, I seem to be drawn to them! Maybe they’re making a come-back so they are around more…..or maybe I just seem to have a new interest in them so I see them more…..don’t know, but I find I see them everywhere I go and I LOVE THEM!!! All of a sudden, I find them to be a symbol of fun and nostalgia and I can’t seem to get enough of them!

Here are some recent examples of ones that have caught my eye:


A fashionable flamingo found at the Kazoo Factory Museum in Eden, NY


Found at a yard ornament vendor at the Albion Strawberry Festival


Another one at the same vendor – I like this one much better – so fancy! 

pink flamingos

I couldn’t resist putting a set of mini flamingos in my fairy gardens

Soooooooo…….I finally broke down and purchased a pair for my gardens!!! But, I couldn’t just put a regular old set of plastic pink flamingos out there……nope…..they had to be ones with a little personality!!! Meet Priscilla and Penelope – the newest residents in my lovely gardens:






And…..I’ll close with this……I could not resist trying on Priscilla’s glasses!


Have a great day and smile at every pink flamingo you see…..

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