Black Bird Gets His Prize!

So, I was getting in my car at Walmart and saw this HUGE black bird fly in from who-knows-where carrying this big McDonald’s bag in his mouth – the bag was bigger than he was!

He lands across from me and starts circling the bag…..assessing his situation and making his plan!

Then, he gets on top of the bag and tears a hole in it…..

….then he pulls out the napkins and drops them to the ground…..

….then he pulls out the wrappers and drops them to the ground…..

….then, as he is finally getting to something worth his trouble, people start walking by – he flies a short distance away, but keeps his eye on his prize…..

….then, he goes back and circles the bag, again, before he gets back to work on his dinner…..

….then, some seagulls start to fly in circles looking for a chance to steal his treasure, but he runs them off and defends it – IT IS ALL HIS!!!

I don’t know if he ended up getting enough out of the bag to make it worth his while, but he made a heck of a mess in the parking lot and it sure was an entertaining scene to watch!!! LOL


I love that the bag is positioned on the “I’m Loving It” side…..cause he sure was….and so was I!!!

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