Movie Review – The Longest Ride

Longest Ride PosterIt has been a while since I’ve been to the movies and I was itching to go! There were several I really, really wanted to see over the winter, but the harsh weather we had for so long and some other things got in the way……now, they are no longer in the theaters! So, guess they will have to wait until they come out on OnDemand or other sources! Yesterday, I decided on the spur of the moment to head to Tinsletown! I wasn’t sure what was out right now, so I looked it up and was excited to see a new Nicholas Sparks movie!!! That was it — I grabbed my purse and off I went!

First off……for all you Nicholas Sparks fans out there……rest assured – he did it again!!! This movie has everything we’ve come to love and expect from his stories – everlasting love, heartbreak, beautiful North Carolina scenery, tears (sobs), laughter, and a well balanced mix of new love and enduring love across the years! OK…..I usually leave my rating to the end, but I’m fairly sure you’ve guessed it, so here it is…..I LOVED IT and rate it a solid A+!

The movie starts out with Sophia Danko, an art student at Wake Forest University, reluctantly attending a bull riding competition with some friends. Sophia is a city girl with her eyes on a summer internship with an influential art dealer in NYC, so she isn’t much interested in donning a pair of cowboy boots and watching a bunch of bull riders. But, she meets and is instantly attracted to one of the cowboys – handsome Luke Collins. Sophia is played by Britt Robinson – you may recognize her from the TV series Under The Dome – and she does a great job with the part. Luke is played by none other than Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood….hubba hubba – be still my heart!!! Although Sophia is attracted to Luke (and, by the way, the attraction is just as strong on Luke’s side), she sees no sense in responding when he calls her because she will be leaving for NYC in a couple of months. But, alas, she can not resist…..she agrees to dinner with him and he treats her to a romantic evening that any girl would swoon over! On their way home, they come upon an accident and save the life of an elderly man – Ira Levinson, played brilliantly by Alan Alda (I do love Alan Alda – such a sweetie). A friendship and bond between Sophia and Ira develops as she visits him to read his old letters to him and listen to his stories of the love of his life – as told through flash backs of a young Ira and Ruth played by Jack Huston and Oona Chaplin – I don’t believe I’ve seen either of these two actors before, but really enjoyed both of their performances a lot!

No more spoilers……except to remind those who know Nicholas Sparks and to warn those who don’t — take a hefty supply of tissues or napkins in the theater with you…’re gonna need them!!!

I’ll say it again – I loved this movie! I highly recommend it for anyone who loves a good romantic story and I know that all the Nicholas Sparks fans won’t be disappointed at all…, go see it!!!

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