Art – it’s in the eye of the beholder….

I may be many things……I fancy myself an amature writer, adventurer, and movie critic, among other things…..but, artist? Um, not so much! But…..when a friend and local downtown shop owner asked if I wanted to do a painting for a fundraiser our local Merchants Association is doing, I said, “why not, this ought to be fun”. I thought I can do as well as the famous painting monkeys and elephants (and some artists) do…..right? Well, turns out, I can…sort of!!! LOL

I knew as soon as she asked me that I was going to try to do a “fashion girl” – something I used to sketch in high school and still do in some note cards I write. They are rough and not so perfect, but fun! But, when I was sketching out some practice ones, it evolved into the “fashion girl” plus a nice sunny day scene plus I threw in the infamous “Kilroy” and his fence…..and it came out kinda cute!!! I’m sure it will never hang in the Louvre……but it just might raise the $10.00 price all the paintings will bring to help the Albion Merchants Association with their flower fund and other downtown activities! If you’re in town between May 16 – June 13, stop by the Hoag Library and see this and all the other masterpieces that will be on display and available for sale!


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