Movie Review – Life As We Know It

A friend and I made plans to see a movie on Saturday and we chose “Life As We Know It“.  We debated a couple different options, but settled on this one.  And we were both glad we did!  It made for an enjoyable girl time….and it didn’t hurt to top it off with dinner at The Steele Pig after the matinée!

The movie stars Katherine Heigl as Holly Berensen and Josh Duhamel as Eric Messer (who prefers to be called just “Messer”).  Holly and Messer’s best friends set them up on a blind date that does not go well at all – they never make it beyond getting in the car in front of Holly’s house!  When the best friends get married to each other, Holly and Messer are thrown into occasion after occasion and situation after situation together – always at their total dismay!  Then, the friends are killed in an automobile accident and leave their infant child, Sophie, to Holly and Messer, who are  Sophie’s Godparents – together!  The will leaves the house, an account to pay the mortgage, the SUV, and, of course, Sophie, to them so that they will have all they need to bring Sophie up in her own surroundings.  Comedy ensues as they try to make it work for Sophie’s sake in the midst of still not really liking each other all that much……….until the inevitable happens and they start to warm up to each other.

Like I said, we both really enjoyed this movie — it was fun, lively, touching, heartwarming, and well done.  I laughed and cried and left feeling good — my requirements for a successful romantic comedy!

Katherine Heigl — LOVED her in “Grey’s Anatomy” and am very sad that she left the show!  In her film career, so far, I’ve like her in all of her characters, but she hasn’t done a good job of picking good movies, with the exception of “27 Dresses” and now this one.  She is funny and usually is the best part of the movies she stars in.  She has finally picked a winning flick and I hope she keeps it up — she has the potential to bring a lot to the screen, if she can get some roles in films that don’t fall flat.

Josh Duhamel — enough said!!!  I cried like a baby when All My Children killed off Leo du Pres – not just because I loved the character, but also because I adored Josh Duhamel!!!  He was charming and funny and absolutely perfect in the role of Messer in this film!  He stole scene after scene!

Josh Lucas — as if having Josh Duhamel in the film wasn’t delicious enough, they threw in Josh Lucas, too!!!!  Be still my heart………

The three rounded out a superb cast that really made the movie!  The story was cute and fun.  The movie was put together well, didn’t have any boring holes, and didn’t leave me hanging.  It was well done and totally enjoyable!

I rate this one a solid A and recommend it for all romantic comedy lovers!

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