Tuesday Thoughts

So…..what do you think about the new theme?  It is an antique-y theme called Quentin – very proper looking!  I like the look, but don’t like that it doesn’t support a custom header, so I lost my photo of the girls…..boo hoo!!!  But – I like it, so I’ll keep it until I get sick of it and decide to find one that will let me customize the header, again.

When I saw the name of the blog page theme I picked, it made me all nostalgic!  Not because Quentin is an old-fashioned name……no, I got all nostalgic because it reminded me of a favorite TV show from my school days.  In the late 60s / early 70s, I used to rush home from school every day so that I could see “Dark Shadows“!  One of my favorite characters was Quentin Collins, played by David Shelby.  It was a poorly filmed series with hokey acting and story lines, but I loved it!!! 

I understand they are working on a remake of it for the big screen…….not sure how I feel about that!  The charm of it was the dark, bad filming and hokey-ness of it!  I hope they don’t ruin it by modernizing it too much.  But, I have to say, I am a little excited about the thought of Johnny Depp playing Barnabus Collins……yummy!!!  Wonder who they are talking to about Quentin, Angelique, and some of the others………I’ll definitely have to go see it!

Speaking of movies that have peaked my interest — I am definitely intrigued by Matt Damon’s new movie, “Hereafter”, opening this weekend!  At first, it looked like a horror/thriller type movie, that I would have no interest in at all.  Then, I started seeing more in-depth trailers and it looks more suspenseful and interesting!  It opens on my birthday weekend, so may just need to be sure I include it in the celebration festivities!!!  {wink}

It has been a lovely, productive Tuesday…….time to settle in for the night and prepare for the inescapable Wednesday!

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