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The Friday before President’s Day in February, 1999, was my Liberation From Glasses Day!  I first got glasses in the fifth grade, after probably actually needing them for some time before that, but never let anyone know I was having trouble seeing the blackboard until then!  I wore corrective lenses from that time on…….big clunky glasses, little wire granny glasses, progressive lenses that seemed to always look like sunglasses even when they shouldn’t be dark, contact lenses……..and my eyes got progressively worse over the years! 

In the end, I was just barely away from being considered legally blind and had a severe astigmatism – I literally could not see the big, bright numbers on the alarm clock in the morning without first reaching for my glasses…….until that wonderful day almost 12 years ago when I had Lasik surgery done!  It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and the best $4000 I ever spent!  I was liberated and could see the world without the help of corrective lenses for the first time in…….well, let’s just say, a LOT of years!!!

So, why is this post titled “What’s New”?  This obviously isn’t new news!  Well, that part isn’t……but, this part is:

The Lasik surgery has served me well for almost 12 years.  I was already over 40, so the doctor over corrected one eye and under corrected the other so that I would prolong the onset of the “40-year-old eye syndrome” – you know, when your arms suddenly aren’t long enough to be able to read the paper!  And, it worked — I have not had ANY vision problems and have seen things perfectly clear all these years!  Until recently!  Lately, I have been having some blurry vision when my eyes get tired or I have a lot of small print to read.  So, I went to get an eye exam.  I could still get away without wearing glasses at all for quite some time, but we decided to get reading glasses to help keep my eyes from working too hard at times!  And, so, the circle comes back around and I am, again, wearing glasses — only when needed to read, but wearing them just the same!  As of yesterday, I have a lovely pair of Gucci reading glasses…….yes, Gucci — I always go right for the expensive items, no matter what I’m looking for — it is a curse!  hahaha 

I think the color (violet caramel) and shape goes well with my hair and shape of my face — I like them (keep your opinions to yourself, if you don’t agree – I need to be happy with the whole “giving in to glasses, again” thing)!  And, man, they do help!!!  So, here they are…..drum roll, please:

So, that’s new…..or back to old…….or whatever!

3 Comments on “What’s new?

  1. I think they look great. I always get mixed reviews on lasik, but I would love to give up my glasses (well, contacts when I can afford them).

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