When it rains, it pours…

Other than annual visits and routine grooming / day care dates, the girls haven’t had to go to the vet in a long time!!!  Then, over the past couple of weeks they made up for it – big time!!!

I used to spend a lot of time with Dr. Cindy – God Bless Her!!!  Puddles had a lot of medical issues in the 5 or 6 years before she passed on and her early years were a struggle getting her on the right track, too — in between was fairly calm, but we had periodic episodes that required medical attention.  Then, Katie came along and she was in really bad shape when I rescued her – it took us a long time to get her health straightened out!  Megan and Amy were, surprisingly healthy – other than general health checks, getting on a vaccination schedule, a good dose of worms, and the having them spayed (all normal puppy stuff), they didn’t need much help!

So, once Katie was all healthy and on track, I had a nice long hiatus from vet visits and bills…..just routine stuff to keep them from developing any problems!

But – December changed all that — hopefully only temporarily!!! 

First, for routine beauty maintenance:  all three spent the day at Rae-Zor for baths, mani/pedi’s, and play time on the 18th.

Then, on the 21st, Katie hurt her right front leg.  We’re not sure what happened – whether they were playing a little too rough or if she just got stuck by a stick or something in the yard – it doesn’t matter – the result was a small puncture wound in her leg that swelled all up and started to get an infection!  I took her in to All Animals on the 22nd to get some antibiotics and pain medicine.  After a day or so, she started walking normally and the swelling went down.  The 10 days of antibiotics seemed to do the trick – no relapse or other problems!  It healed nicely and all is fine, now!

On the 22nd, Megan and Amy had their routine annual visit — other than gaining a little more weight than they should have since their last visit, they were given a clean bill of health!

Then, on the 31st, all three were outside playing and they found a lizard or some other little critter — they were going nuts over it, so I got them inside to calm them down.  Once inside, I noticed that Megan’s left front foot was bleeding – a lot!  She was licking at it and I had a hard time getting her to let me see what was wrong.  When I finally got a look at it, I could see that she must have caught her nail on something out there and it ripped out leaving nothing but the meaty quick!  OUCH!!!  I called All Animals and they were about to close, but told me to bring her right in!  They cut back the quick and bandaged her up.  They brought her in the exam room to wait with me while they put her meds together and she started bleeding through the bandages!!  They had to take her back and remove the bandage and put on a fresh one and made it thicker!!!  She was on pain meds and antibiotics.  She didn’t feel well and had a hard time walking on the bandage (the pain probably contributed to that, as well), so she just laid around and slept a lot that night and the next day. 

I was supposed to take the bandage off on the 1st, but she wouldn’t let me touch it — growled and bit at me!  So, I called to see if they would take it off for me.  I went in on the 2nd to have it removed, but we decided it was probably better to rebandage it and make it easier for me to take off after the weekend.   She still wasn’t very interested in being active and just slept a lot, but it was a lot easier for her to walk on!!!

I took it off on Sunday evening – just clipped the top and pulled it off like a sock!  ha-ha!!  It is looking good and healing nicely!!  She’s still on the antibiotics to be sure it doesn’t get infected, but seems fine and is acting like her old self now…..

So — between Dec 18th and Jan 2nd, I had FIVE visits to All Animals and Rae-Zor to care for the girls — routine and urgent needs!!!  WHEW!!!  Let’s hope that is the end of it for a while…..

Here are some photos of Megan in her bandages — the white bandage is the first heavy duty one and the blue one is the replacement – poor baby!!! 




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