Here we go…

OK – so this is it – life gets back to normal…

Mom is back home and settled in – the house was pretty quiet yesterday!  I took her to the airport early in the morning for her 10:15 flight and we said our good-byes!  When I got home, Katie noticed that Mom didn’t come back with me and wanted to know where she was — she starred at the garage door for a little bit waiting for her to come through it, then she searched all over the house as if she thought maybe she got past her, then she sniffed and whined at the crack at the bottom of the door of the room she slept in while she was here – when I opened the door so she could see she wasn’t in there, she sniffed every inch of the room looking for her!!!  Megan and Amy weren’t as obvious – if they noticed she left, but didn’t come back, they didn’t show it!  But, Katie noticed — and so did I!!!

We really got “movie’d out” while she was here!!!  We saw Cadillac Records, Marley and Me, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Seven Pounds, and Four Christmasesat the theater.  We also watched several Netflix movies and some on cable!!! 

So, today I head back to work after being off since noon on Dec 18th!  WOW – I do believe that is the longest I’ve ever been off work!  It was perfect cause Mom arrived on the 19th and went back yesterday – so I was able to be off the entire 2 week and 2 day trip!  I usually don’t have that luxury, unless she’s here for a shorter time!  BUT – if she wasn’t here, a vacation that long would have drove me NUTS — I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t work — go stir crazy, I guess!  

Here I go — back to the old grind — getting full bore into a new and, hopefully, wonderful year!  Catch ya on the flip side!

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