Kong Power!

Nope, I am not referring to the movie icon King Kong – I am referring to those funny looking hollow red things that you buy for dogs!  The girls and I have discovered the power of the Kong! 

kongs1I bought a couple a long time ago and put the treat in the end and stuck a little bit of it out the opening and gave it to the girls to play with – well, they got the treat out quickly and tried to play with the Kong, but it didn’t squeak (an absolute drop dead requirement of any toy that has any hope of holding Megan’s attention), so that was the end of the Kongs – they were left in the corner of the room – alone – unloved!  I put them in the toy box, but they were never pulled out by the girls…  poor Kong!

Well, my friend Jennifer (of Life With Miles fame) and I were comparing notes on our dog’s activities one day and she suggested I try giving them Kongs to occupy them when I’m not at home.  I told her I tried that once and it didn’t do much good and that I was concerned they might fight over the treats if I’m not there to supervise!  She explained how she uses her’s and I decided to give it a try!

I got out the two Kongs I already had and bought a couple more — then, I took three of them and broke up 3 or 4 treats and stuffed them inside the Kong (didn’t leave them whole and sticking out, like the package suggests).  Then, I covered the opening with a little peanut butter and stuck them in the freezer to freeze the peanut butter and make it last longer!  Before I left, I got them out of the freezer and gave each girl one of their own and watched for a few minutes — well, they got to licking the frozen peanut butter and didn’t even notice I was leaving for work!!!  When I got home, the Kongs were not only empty, but clean as a whistle!!!  And the girls seemed happy and nothing else in the house was disturbed!!! 

I have done this a couple times now and it seems to be working — AND — even when they are empty, now, Megan seeks them out to play with!  She rolls them around and tries to stick her nose into the opening and pushes them around with her nose!  They hold her attention longer, now!  I run them through the dishwasher every other use or so and she still plays with them even when they don’t have any peanut butter residue at all……SUCCESS!!!!

I hope it continues to be of value!  I have a new couch being delivered this morning!  I picked a style that I think won’t promote chewing – cushions are similar fabric and type as the ones on the chairs that they have never seemed interested in (from a chewing standpoint – they love to curl up in them, though) – but, I don’t want to leave anything to chance!!!

The all mighty, powerful Kong is my new hero!!!

One Comment on “Kong Power!

  1. We bought our first set of Kong toys about 10 years ago. We have had maybe 6 of them over the years, only replacing them when they landed in the woods never to be found again in the deep leaves behind the dog lot. Our two labs love them. The toys roll along and bounce on the ground very well, so the game of fetch is loads of fun with them. And, though so many of the “indestructable” toys we have purchased over the years have literally broken into pieces with the chewing ability of our two beasts, these Kong toys will never fall apart. And my labs can just about bite through steel. Best dog toy ever.

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