Tuesday Thoughts

I haven’t written much this week because I have been busy enjoying my time with my Mom!  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I’m so very happy that she is here to share it with me!

Her trip down was nerve racking for both her and me!  She few out of Buffalo airport on Friday.  The flight was supposed to leave at 10:45 am and arrive in RDU at 1:20 pm.  Well, about 10:00 she called me and told me not to leave for the airport until I heard from her because they were announcing that all flights were delayed and may be canceled!!!!  You see, a blizzard had hit the area that morning and was getting worse by the minute!  An inch of snow an hour was falling and visibility was near zero!  They weren’t allowing any planes to land, so there were no planes to load up for departure!  They finally announced that a plane had arrived and was heading to Baltimore (her layover city) and they were going to see how many they could get on it from the various flights from BUF to BWI that were delayed.  She got on the flight around 2:00-ish and arrived in RDU at 4:15 or so — three hours after her original arrival time!

All the time she was waiting to find out what was going to happen, she was sitting in a very uncomfortable wheel chair and hadn’t had any breakfast or lunch!  Needless to say, by the time she got to RDU, she was irritated, in pain, and extremely hungry!  So – we went to Bob Evans and had a very nice dinner and conversation to help get us both relaxed and settled!  Once we got home, we were ready to start our visit and enjoy the two wonderful weeks we have together!  On Sunday, we went to the final performance of “The Winter Wonderettes” at the Temple Theater.  We really enjoyed that!  Today, we went to the grocery store and got food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals. 

I made two trips to All Animals to see Dr. Cindy this week!  On Sunday, when we got home from the theater and dinner, we noticed Katie was limping really badly and wasn’t acting like herself at all – obviously in pain and not feeling well.  I checked her leg and there was a small hole tear in it and the whole lower portion of her leg was swollen.  Monday morning didn’t show any improvement at all, so I took her in to have it looked at.  There was some infection starting and obvious inflammation and trauma.  Dr. Cindy gave her some antibiotics and pain medicine and told me to do warm compresses.  As soon as all that kicked in, she began to act like herself, again.  She’s still walking  cautiously, but not limping as bad as before!  So, that is doing the trick – I just hope it keeps improving!  The second visit to All Animals was this morning – Megan and Amy had an appt for their annual visit – they are doing well, but gained some weight — so, we’ve got to watch that more closely!  They don’t get any food other than their dog food (no table scraps or tastes of my food) – their food is already the “light” variety – and very few treats – more in the past week because of the addition of the Kongs, but even those aren’t much (I take 3 or 4 biscuits and break them up and split it between 3 Kongs and smear a little peanut butter – teaspoon or less – on the opening of each one — so each one doesn’t have much of a treat in them).  So, I’m not sure why they are gaining weight, but, I will take the suggestion of cutting the evening portion of their meal down and see if that helps!

I didn’t put up a tree this year and I really miss it!!!  I love having a Christmas Tree all decorated and lit up!  But, I got so far behind on things that I couldn’t see going to all that work for just a few days or a week of enjoyment before I have to take it all down again!!!  So, we decided to skip the tree and just go with decorating the mantle and accent tables.  It looks really nice (the new photo at the top of my blog page is a cropped shot of the decorations on my library table), but I still miss my tree!!!!   Now, if I can just get the gifts for Mom, Ronald, and Lisa wrapped before I have to give them to them to open, I’ll be OK…..ha-ha!!!!  I have been such a procratinator this year!!!  But, before Mom got here, I was busy with work and preparations for her visit – then, once she got here, I’d rather be sitting with her and chatting or watching a movie or something!!!  So, it’s all good…..just different!

So, what’s up for the remaining week and a half that Mom’s here?  Well, we have the holidays, of course, and we also have several movies on our “to do” list and a ton of just taking time to enjoy each other’s company!  So……we’ll likely be busy and need to prioritize the “to do” list to see what are “must dos” and what are “let’s try, but it’ll be ok if we run out of time to dos”…..

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