Megan – such a smart cookie…

I haven’t been blogging much, lately — been busy working, getting ready for Christmas (still not ready – so way behind this year), and my Mom’s visit!  But I did have something I wanted to share…

I’ve written about Megan’s love of toys – balls that squeak, in particular.  Well, she has taken her games with her favorite ball to another level!!!  Last night, she was laying on the floor about 2-3 feet from my chair and was just laying there watching me.  I noticed that her ball was right there at my foot.  So, I gently nudged it so that it rolled over to her and landed right in front of her.  She looked at it and looked at me and back at the ball and back at me — I could tell she was thinking hard about something!!!  ha-ha-ha  Then, she took her nose and pushed the bal

l so that it rolled back over to me!!!!  I said “thank you, baby, you want it back now?” and nudged it with my foot back over to her again.  She immediately took her nose and rolled it back!!!!  I was impressed!!!!  I thanked her again and rolled it back…..this went on for about 5 or 6 rounds until my excitement over this new activity got the best of her and she grabbed the ball and started dancing around squeaking it in sheer joy!!!

I was amazed — she never did that before — I didn’t teach it to her — she just saw me do it and thought about it and decided it might be fun — and it was!!!!  And she seemed to enjoy it, too!!!!  Don’t know if this was one of those one time things or if she’ll add this new game to her bag of fun things to do!!!

On another note — the living room furniture is all rearranged in a weird setting — I have a new couch coming from Dossenbach’s tomorrow morning and someone is coming to get the old one this afternoon.  So, to make it easier for him to get the old one out of here, I pushed it over to the bar that separates the living room and kitchen and arranged the chairs in a cosy setting at the end of the living room and pushed the accent tables out of the way over in front of the TV…….this sent the girls into a frenzy — their living room was changed – their favorite seats were in different places – they were NOT happy!!!  ha-ha-ha  I told them that they had better enjoy the old couch as much as they can cause we’re getting a new one on Friday!!!  AND – Megan’s favorite place to sit is on the over stuffed pillow back on the old couch – every day I come home and it is all packed down where she was up on it sleeping!  Well, the new one has a narrow non-pillow type back — she’s not gonna like that much!!!  ha-ha-ha

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