Who’s That In My Blog Surfer?

Over the past week or so, I have started getting random posts from blogs I have never visited showing up on my blog surfer!!!  Does anyone know how to make it stop?  I notice on the list of blogs that I have deliberately listed, the count for them shows up beside “wordpress.com” and when I click the “X” to remove it, nothing happens – it won’t remove!  I, also,  have clicked on “readomattic” to see if I can delete or block them and they don’ t have the same options that blogs that I choose to be there have!!!  If fact, they don’t have ANY options!!!  They aren’t offensive in anyway – just random regular blogs – but it is still irritating to go there and have to scan through to find if there are ones that I DO want to read!!!  Uugghh!!!  Any ideas????

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