Thoughts for Thursday

I was reading Lindsay’s post about breakfast for dinner and it got me thinking and hungry for just that!  I love breakfast at dinner time and am always so sad to find that there isn’t anywhere in Sanford to get breakfast whenever you want it (except the recent addition of the Waffle House, of course).  My Mom used to fix breakfast for dinner every now and then — she did it because it was a cheap way to stretch the grocery budget, but she made such a big deal out of it that it made it super special to us and we would think we were getting away with something that just wasn’t supposed to happen!  ha-ha  She would fix eggs and fried potatoes and toast sometimes.  But the one that we always begged for and loved was what she called “Corn Fritters”!  She would make pancake batter and add a can of nibblets corn and a sprinkle of sugar.  Then, she would fill a large iron skillet with the batter to make one HUGE pancake for each of us (we would have fun watching her try to flip a pancake that big, but she was a pro and always flipped it perfectly!) – then, when she served it, she would cut a small hole in the center!  This was a the result of a genius at work because the pancake was so big it filled a plate and without the hole, the syrup and butter would run off the pancake onto the table!  So we would spread the butter on the pancake and put the warm syrup in the center hole for dunking and it would also soak into the pancake from the center out!  It was GREAT and we loved them!!!  I’m thinking there is a dinner of Corn Fritters in my near future! 

What a lovely Fall day this is going to be!  I am sitting on my couch looking out the window to the back yard and marveling at the natural beauty that is spilling all over my neighborhood!  The yard and deck are peppered with colorful leaves.  I have a tree perfectly centered in my view that is almost completely yellow – there are a few remaining green leaves, but not many.  My Weeping Japanese Maple and the bushes behind it have turned red.  There is a totally red tree in my side yard that is positioned nicely right in front of a totally yellow tree to make for a breath taking blend of colors.  And the sun is shining through an array of colorful limbs.  It is cool now, but not cold, and is supposed to warm up into the low 70s.  A perfect day to play hookie – but I won’t – well, I “would”, but I shouldn’t and can’t with what is on my plate today! 

Here is a sample of the beauty in my yard this morning — it is too pretty to keep private — it begs to be shared:





What a great way to start the day — it promises to be a good one, for sure!

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