The results show for Dancing With The Stars usually runs on Tuesday, but due to the election coverage, it was postponed to tonight.  I didn’t post my opinion of Monday night’s show cause I was tired after the show and then there were more important things to write about (i.e.: irritating political phone calls, etc.).  So, before tonight’s show airs at 8:00, I’m gonna post my thoughts…I know you’re all hanging on the edge of your seats and just LOVE to read about this!  (and if you’re not, oh well — check tomorrow for a different topic that might be more appealing to you)

I thought that Susan Lucci did an amazing job on her Paso Doble – she brought out her theatrical side and nailed it!  She got a lot of praise from the judges, but they still only gave her a 24 (three 8s)!  Her performance in the team dance didn’t help her, though — the team she was on didn’t do well at all (except for Lance Bass) and the 20 point score that her team earned is added to her individual score — OUCH!

Warren and Cody were at the bottom of the individual score leader board – 21 and 22 respectively!  Warren was on the winning team dance team, so he’ll have 29 added to his 21, but Cody was on the losing team dance team and will have 20 added to his 22 – which lands him in the true bottom of last night’s leader board!

Brooke was at the top with a perfect 30!  She’ll have the 29 from the winning team dance score to add to that and will be assured a chance to stay!

The one I disagreed with most, though, was the 25 that Maurice earned…not thinking Maurice should make it much longer!  He was on the winning team dance team, so he faired well overall for his score!  I didn’t think he deserved it – so there!

My prediction for tonight?  I think Cody or Maurice should go and predict it will be Cody…but, unfortunately, there is strong chance the voters just might go with Susan!

Update:  Susan went home (that was a shame, but understandable) and Cody was with her in the bottom two!  We’ll see how he does next week…

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