Devil Dog and Other Topics of Interest

Of course, I wasn’t able to get a photo… Amy, the one that is usually calm, gentle, and sweet, exhibited signs of being a Devil Dog a little bit ago!!!  I heard some of the strangest sounds coming from my sweet girl and I looked over at her laying in the chair – sound asleep!  She was curled up with her head on the arm of the chair – her eyes were open, but rolled back so that you could only see the white part and that was all blood shot – her face was twitching wildly and scrunching all up making her look down right evil – and she was making strange muffled, throaty growls!  I thought that she was either having a bad dream or a seizure!!!  I said her name to see if I got a reaction out of her and she lifted her head and rolled her eyes back to the normal position and she was my sweet little Amy, again!!!  She came over and sat beside me, I put my arm around her, and she laid her head on my shoulder……Devil Dog Gone!!!

Megan has started this cute little thing in the mornings — she’s been doing it about a month now!  When they try to wake me up and I try to ignore them and make them think I’m still asleep, she attempts to get at my face and I have my hands over it, so she gives up after a couple attempts.  Then, she turns around and sits on my hip (I lay on my side and she is in front of me) – she just sits there with her butt on my hip like she’s standing guard or something!  It is so cute I can barely keep from laughing – which would let them know I’m awake and that would be the end of trying to pretend I’m still sleeping!  She’ll sit there like that for a while and then try again to see if she can get me to wake up – when the new attemps fail, she goes back to sitting on my hip to wait for another chance!  She’s such a character!!!

I went to Cafe 121 for dinner tonight – first time in a couple weeks!  I had the brown sugar glazed ham special with mashed potatoes and his signature fried green beans – YUM!!!  But I made two really great discoveries while I was there! 

  • First – he will be open on Thanksgiving!  Ronald, Lisa, and I were just talking this past weekend about seeing if anyone was going to be open for Thanksgiving cause neither of us want to cook – we usually have Thanksgiving together and one or the other of us cook!  But, since one of the boys isn’t around here anymore and the other usually makes other plans, it ends up being just the three of us and not really worth the trouble (and we end up with WAY too many left overs)!  So, we were thinking of going out for dinner, instead… We just might make a reservation for Cafe 121 – unless our plans change cause Lisa might have to work.  Anyway – if anyone is interested, they will be open from 11:00 – 3:00 and are taking reservations for Thanksgiving dinner in the restaurant OR orders for taking an already cooked meal home for the family to reduce your time (and mess) in the kitchen!
  • Second – Cinnamon Apple Cider!!!  The paper table cloth covers had “Try our new cinnamon apple cider” written on them — when I got done with dinner, I asked if that was hot and found out it WAS — so I ordered one for dessert — then I was asked if I wanted it with or without the caramel — OMG — of course I wanted it WITH the caramel!!!!  This was an AMAZING drink!!!  It was too hot to drink right away, so I brought it home and sipped on it while I was checking emails and blogs….it was in a large coffee cup, so I got a lot, but was still so sorry I didn’t order TWO and wished I had MORE!  It was scrumptious!!!  You gotta try this — go by the coffee bar in Cafe 121 and get yourself one!!!  It is like drinking a delicious, fresh out of the oven, homemade apple pie!!!  YUM, YUM!!!

If you haven’t seen Footloose at the Temple, yet, you’d better hurry — this is the last weekend!  Final shows are Friday at 8:00, Saturday at 2:00 and 8:00, and Sunday at 2:00 — then, it is done!

WOW – I just saw an interesting tip on Food Network — Alton Brown had a little snippet on there between commercials!  It was about oatmeal – he said that he likes to have a bowl of oatmeal every day, but that isn’t easy when traveling – until now!  He mentioned that most hotel rooms now have coffee makers in the rooms – he said you put two envelopes of instant oatmeal in the pot, add a individual packet of honey, add an individual packet of jam, put one herbal tea bag of choice (he suggested orange) in the part where you usually put the coffee pouch, and pour in 8-10 ounces of water (depending on the consistency you like) in the water resevoir and turn it on!  When the water stops, you can stir it and eat it right out of the pot!  AND – it stays hot on the heating pad until you are ready to eat it or if you want to eat a little now and a little later!  hhhmmm — I just might take some instant oatmeal and the other ingredients with me the next time I travel so I can give it a try!!!  (oh, wait, I don’t have to wait to travel to try it – I have a coffee maker at home that I rarely use…..not a coffee drinker)

Guess that’s it for now….

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