TiVo or DVR from Cable Co???

I put off going to digital cable for a very long time (just broke down and switched last year) — I wanted to stick with regular cable as long as they would support it because of the easy ability to tape things!  Before I got the cable box, I could tape one show and watch another or set it up to tape a wide range of channels while I was away or several other options!  Now that I have a cable box, I have to have the TV powered on and tuned to the channel I want to record!  That is why I pretty much stopped tapping All My Children while I’m at work cause I got sick of needing to run the TV all day to get one hour’s worth of programming!  So, I watch it on SoapNet in the evening – IF nothing else is on that I want to watch at that time – cause I can’t watch one thing and tape another!!!!  Uugghh!!!  I thought we were more advanced in technology than that!!!

So, I’ve been looking into TiVo and DVR from the cable company!!  BUT – it really, really, really irks me that now, in order to get the ability to tape while the TV is off and tape one show while watching another, I have to PAY for either a TiVo unit PLUS a subscription OR pay monthly rental on a DVR machine from my cable company (instead of just using the cheapo VCR and same tape I have used for years)!!!  I already pay a monthly rental on the cable box and the digital cable costs a LOT more than the regular cable used to cost me!  I’ll likely just leave things as they are — TV isn’t that important to me over all, but every once in a while, I get really irritated about not being able to easily tape something I want to see and can’t, for whatever reason……

Just in case I get more serious about it — any words of wisdom out there on either option????

2 Comments on “TiVo or DVR from Cable Co???

  1. Hi Kim!

    It feels like we honestly could not live without DVR! We have satellite, and I know very little about cable, but what we pay for it is so worth it!!

  2. What about getting a TiVo HD, and getting rid of your cable box entirely? They work in place of the cable box, with a technology called CableCARD. More CableCARD info is here:


    So, yes, you have to buy the unit and pay the fee (monthly or lifetime) but you don’t have to pay to rent the DVR from the cable company, and you get tons more features from a TiVo. You might have to pay a fee to rent the CableCARDs from the cable company, but it’s nominal.

    In any event, you should add up the costs either way. TiVo is really an amazing technology.

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