Dinner and Dancing and Stars

Tonight was a night of Dinner and Dancing and Stars…but it wasn’t as romantic as it sounds – and the “stars” aren’t what you might think!


When I was in school, my two favorite cafeteria lunches were sloppy joe and hamburg gravy over mashed potatoes.  To this day, I still really like them both.  I rarely think about sloppy joe – hhmm – now that I have thought about it, maybe I need to go get some ingredients and make myself some!  But every now and then, I get a real craving for good ole hamburg gravy over mashed potatoes!  I thought about it all day today and just HAD to have some!  So – on the way home tonight, I stopped by Food Lion and picked up some hamburger and potatoes.  Then, I came home and made an absolutely delicious pan of hamburg gravy and some wonderful mashed potatoes!!!  I jazz up my version — the recipe they used in school was just hamburger browned in a pan and added to a rich brown gravy and poured them over regular mashed potatoes.  That was delicous – after all, it did make my top two favorite school cafeteria menu items!  But – I take it to a new level — I season up the hamburger with garlic powder, pepper, chopped onions, and a little worstershire sauce.  Then I make a thick brown gravy and add frozen peas, corn, and carrots to the pot.  I let that all simmer to get the flavors really blended nicely.  The mashed potatoes I use have garlic and a swirl of yellow mustard to give them a little oomph!  It really turned out good – lots of flavor – and there’s enough left for tomorrow night, too!


Of course, I’m talking about Dancing With The Stars!  I do believe this will be Cloris’ last week on the show — I know, I’ve said that almost every week since week 3, but I really think she’s run her course.  She is taking the competition more seriously and doing much better, but she still just isn’t up to the level of ability that any contestant should be now that they are 1/2 way through the season.  It isn’t her fault — she’s really trying — but, she’s 82 years old and just isn’t as flexible and nimble as the younger contestants are.  He put her into a spin where he held one arm and one leg and swirled her around and let her down to the floor and I held my breath hoping she didn’t break a hip!!!  What a risk at her age! 

Lance Bass took over the lead from Brooke – she had an injured ankle and was a little too cautious when she danced to the point where she looked stiff and in pain.  So, she didn’t do as well tonight as she has been.  But, I’m sure she’ll be right back at the top as soon as she is better!

Susan Lucci is still holding her own, but she probably won’t make it past another week or two – she’s good, but not the caliber as some of the others.  She’d have a lot more potential if she would just let loose and have fun with it – she’s too guarded and it shows.

And what’s with all the injuries and issues this season???  Every season has it’s share of drama, but man — Jeff Ross got a finger poked in his eye the first week, Susan Lucci and Brooke Burke both injured their ankles, Misty May-Treanor had to leave the competition early because she blew her achilles tendon out, and now Juliane Hough needs to go into surgery tomorrow to have her appendix removed!  It seems to me like there was another injury, too, but can’t remember!


I saw stars in my living room tonight — not just the ones on Dancing With The Stars — I also saw the kind you see when you hit a brick wall…  Amy was sitting beside me and my arm was around her and we were watching TV.  Well, I guess that wasn’t good enough for her, she tried her best to get closer and in doing so, she whacked her head on the bridge of my nose — HARD!!!!  It brought tears to my eyes, I saw stars, and my nose started bleeding!!!  She did a good job!!!  I barely stopped feeling strange from when Megan and I collided on the 30th of Sept and now this!!!  If they keep it up, I’ll end up with a nose like a prize fighter!

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