My car radio is almost always set to local Sanford station WFJA – 105.5 – because I love listening to classic rock and oldies and I find it is best when it is played LOUDLY and when I sing along with passion and conviction!!!!  There, I’ve said it…..if you’ve seen me driving around town with the radio blarring, bee-bopping, and looking like I’m talking to an imaginary friend – it is really just that I am totally zoned into a song that reaches out of the speakers and grabs onto me and I don’t care if someone thinks I’m nuts!!!

Over the past few weeks with all the economic turmoil, heated political debates (locally and nationally), and talk of the need for radical changes in almost every aspect of our lives, I have found the Beatles song “Revolution” popping into my head a lot!  Well, I was really excited the other day when I was headed up Hawkins Avenue and that wonderfully distinct intro started to play!!!!  I cranked the radio up and went to town with it!!!  I thought maybe it would be a good song to share on here, so I found a You Tube video of the Beatles doing one of their biggest hits — here you go:

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